Startup Focus: Waste Management startup MobiTrash 

Helping convert your waste into compost, Mobitrash, a Pune based start-up has come up with an ingenious waste management system that will help take care of your waste for you. With its lowest monthly rates at a not so high Rs 200, Mobitrash sends a mobile van to the doorstep of its subscribers daily to collect and treat their waste at the source with segregation.

They can convert wet waste and green waste into compost, right at the point where segregated waste is collected. They claim to have proven solutions for your kitchen waste and garden waste. Once collected, they compost the kitchen waste and mulch your garden waste. This is carried out in the mobile van, which is fitted with machines that take care of the initial process of composting, allowing interested customers to witness the process.

Once the raw composting is done in the vehicle, the waste is taken to a large ground on the outskirts of the city which is provided to the service providers by the Pune Municipality. It is here that the raw compost is dumped. Over the next few weeks, it is treated into cured compost, which is then carried by the mobile vans and delivered to customers who want it for their gardens.

“We created MobiTrash to be professional, efficient, reliable & transparent. It is a simple and hassle-free solution that addresses a national crisis of garbage, a crisis that affects all sections of the society alike! We believe MobiTrash is for everyone,” said a company official.

MobiTrash was incubated by the promoters of Excel Industries Limited, under the key guidance of Saurabh Shah. It was founded by Ravi Shroff, Hrishit Shroff in 2015. Hrishit Shroff,  while speaking to iamrenew said that he tried to find a better more environmentally viable way of disposing of his trash, to be largely disappointed. It was then that he got the idea to start Mobitrash.

With the support of the Municipal Commissioner of Pune and his entire department, the service provided by MobiTrash has attracted many apartment complexes, educational institutions, corporate offices, commercial complexes, restaurants, wedding halls, and factories in the city. The company claims they gathered a wider customer base due to satisfied customers spreading the word and because of the legislation in the city of Pune which helped in the easier adoption of their service.

Starting with Pune, the company now has a  presence in Surat and Mumbai. Having collected nearly 223,496 KG, 117,938 KG and 42,968 KG from each of those cities respectively. A satisfied customer from Shreeram Heights housing society in Pune said, “Our housing society is using MobiTrash service since last one year. Very reliable & trouble free service. Good people to deal with. Professional approach.”

Video for Hrishit Shroff from the Massive Summit


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  • April 23, 2021 at 3:49 pm

    hi i am nishan shetty resident of mangalore karnataka. In mangalore we do not have recycle bin company so if i want to set up a start up company in mangalore what would be the cost


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