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Where the Best Ideas Are Shared First, and sustainability focused CSR will find its best platform

At IamRenew, owned by Green Pursuits Private Limited, we take pride in bringing to the fore ideas that matter, along with the opinions, facts and anything else that can support those changes. Thus, when you partner or advertise with us, you are assured of a platform and audience that is knowledgeable, open to change, and keen to do their bit. So what do you want to do with us? Tell us at

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Quite simply, we deliver a bigger bang for your CSR efforts. In helping you design a solid communication plan, or search for the right on ground partners, we can help. Advertising options include:

  • 1Banner Advertising
  • 2Featured Posts
  • 3A video led communication strategy along with a solid distributionpatner platform to ensure the reach your messaging needs.

Get in touch by a simple mail to with your basic requirement , and we will start by surprising you with our quick response.


If you are too busy to have a CSR division or really keen to make measurable impact with your CSR spends, our sustainability experts will map your firm and suggest the best sustainability focused CSR projects for you. Right from planning, to execution, to proof of delivery! That translates to a guarantee that you get what you were promised, along with a whole lot more awareness and goodwill for your CSR spends.

So how do you get in touch?Simple. Write to, along with your number. And watch how easy doing good can become for your organisation!