Meet NOAH- World’s first 100% Recyclable Car from Netherlands

Students at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, have manufactured what they have dubbed as the world’s most sustainable electric car.

While the world is struggles with recycling waste and adopting electric vehicles, students of a Netherlands’ university have combined the best of both worlds. Meet NOAH, The world’s first circular car which is 100% recyclable. Yes, you read that right, everything which makes this car up, from car’s body to the nuts and bolts, is recyclable.

A team of 22 students from nine degree-programmes at the Eindhoven University of Technology’s TU/Ecomotive group have created this car. Every year, TU/ecomotive builds an innovative, electric car. they have developed one of the most efficient city car and the year after that they created the world’s first modular car. This year, they have taken the next step to get closer to what they think will be the future of mobility- Noah.

Flax biocomposite and honeycomb structure makes the material durable

The materials which Noah uses is manufactured with completely recyclable and will be easily detachable. The car’s chassis, body and interior will be fabricated entirely from organically based materials. The two-seater car reportedly weighs around 350 kg and one of the best features’ is that it is 100% electric too. It is powered by six smart modular batteries developed by Eindhoven University of Technology.

The car made up of sugar, flax and bio-resin is a concept car which was made within 9 months, and was on a European tour through Brussels and the major car manufacturers in France, Italy and Germany.

The two-seater ecomotive car is made from biocomposite, primarily made from flax, which considered to be more sustainable to create as well as recyclable.

The vehicle has been fitted with a polylactic acid matrix, rather than a polypropylene one, a renewable material.

But don’t fear that the car will melt during rain, the sandwich panel used for Noah’s chassis has been developed with the flax biocomposite and a honeycomb structure created with sugarcane, making the two-material chassis is entirely recyclable and water resistant.

These advances in circular mobility will make Noah the most sustainable vehicle in the world. Noah is fully electric and will reach a speed of roughly 100 km/h. It claims to have a total range of 240 kilometers.  At the end of its life-cycle, the car can also be fully recycled.

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