India-China Strategic Talks: Solar, EV Batteries and Water Management Discussed

The latest dialogue that concluded in New Delhi yesterday saw India and China agree on many issues including solar cell innovations and water management.

The sixth India-China Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) concluded yesterday evening in New Delhi which was on from 7-9 September 2019. The event comprised of round table meetings of six joint working groups on infrastructure, energy, high-tech, resource conservation and policy coordination followed by technical site visits and closed-door G2G meetings.

On sustainability, the countries agreed to work together in water management, construction & demolition waste and resource conservation. According to the statement, “effective utilization of novel concepts in low-cost construction technology, methods of flood and erosion control, air pollution, etc. were also discussed.” India and China, the two fastest-growing economies, are seeing ballooning cities and face similar problems like air, water, and land pollution.

The sixth strategic talks also deliberated on the role of innovation in the sector.  They also pressed upon the need for promoting cooperation in emergent areas like waste to power, co-processing of septage with sewage sludge and stormwater management. To promote enhanced cooperation in the above areas, two sides agreed on continued interaction and exchange of relevant information more frequently.

The Indian side was led by Dr. Rajiv Kumar, vice chairman, NITI Aayog and the Chinese side by Mr. He Lifeng, chairman, NDRC. Both countries discussed renewable energy in their plenaries as well. The working group on energy is tasked to work upon future areas of collaboration and work in renewable energy space, clean coal technology sector, smart grid & grid integration and smart meters & e-mobility sectors.

India and China have also agreed on cooperating in research and development for new technologies in manufacturing solar cells using alternate material which could improve the efficiency of solar cells. “Both sides agreed on cooperation in R&D for developing new technology for manufacturing solar cell from alternate material and improvement of efficiency of solar cells. Both sides also agreed on cooperation in the field of e-mobility and energy storage,” said the statement.

Additionally, India and China are to cooperate in pharmaceuticals which will see the promotion of Indian generic drugs and Chinese API (raw material for the pharma sector).

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