Buzzcloth – A food wrap made from Beeswax

As the race to find substitutes hots up, ever new alternatives are being dreamt up and developed across the world. A fabulous little food companion, BuzzCloth is an all-natural food wrap made from beeswax along with other ingredients to replace the land-filling, carbon-making food wraps, bags and foils. 

Buzzcloth has been founded by Yolanda Drewell, motivated by her desire to put end to the world plastic pollution crisis, starting from her home. This UK based startup has created a food wrap that is designed to lock in the moisture and keep out the air, while also being naturally biodegradable thus reducing the load on the environment.

BuzzCloth is perfect for keeping dry food items like sandwiches, rolls, bread as it keeps them fresh and intact. Even fresh fruits and vegetables, even the ones that have been cut can be wrapped in BuzzCloth to keep them fresh and intact. The sweet smelling, pliable wrap moulds to the shape of the food item and when it has served its purpose, just a super easy cleanse in cold water does the job and its ready to be used again.

(Source: BuzzCloth)

The wrap can be used multiple times over its lifespan which can range between 3 months and 3 years, but once it’s done it can be discarded into compost. To serve another purpose and not end up like plastic in our oceans.

Made from organic cotton, jojoba oil and beeswax, Buzzcloth wraps come in 3 sizes – small (perfect for a sandwich), medium, (for covering a bowl of food) or large (for wrapping a loaf of bread) and you can purchase them in different variety packs too but are currently only available in UK. The company didn’t comment on when they’re planning to expand their distribution but expects it to be soon.
“I am absolutely in love with Buzzcloth beeswax wraps and we will be using them on a regular basis now! If you fancy picking up some of your own and help make a difference to our planet, you can pick up some of your own,” said a satisfied customer.

“In stark contrast to cling him or foil, love the natural feel and smell of Buzzcloth…they work beautifully for anything non-liquid. I have used
Buzzcloth to protect an apple from bruising in a school bag, to keep together tea bags from a broken box, and to wrap around pitta bread which was especially pleasing as the pretty flower-shape the Buzzcloth makes feels like I’ve wrapped a present!” said Andrea Link another happy user.

The product is a massive hit, what it needs now is to spread across bigger boundaries so that more and more people get access to these. Every small bit counts when it comes to stopping plastic pollution.



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