This bulb will go on, when power goes off. Anchor launches a 7W LED Lamp

The LED lamps employ a built-in lithium-Ion battery which will power it without needing an inverter or a UPS, for upto 2 hours. A perfect solution for consumers who do not use inverters and allows them protection from darkness during unexpected power cuts.

Anchor Electricals Private Limited, a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation recently unveiled its new emergency LED Lamp – 7w.  The newly launched emergency lamps priced at ₹ 600, use an in-built lithium-ion battery that use LEDs for illumination, with the design backed by the motive to provide a solution for power cuts and failures.

Announcing the launch, Mr. Hiroshi Miyasaki. Director of Anchor Electricals Private Limited, the Electricals arm of Panasonic Corporation said, “We are constantly adding to our LED portfolio with latest technology. We believe the Panasonic Emergency Lamp will enable consumers to address the situation of emergencies effectively.”

Backed by a Li-ion battery, capable of powering the lamp during power cuts.

The product aims to make the life of the consumers hassle free, as it does not require an inverter or UPS. The lamps have been presented by the company as the ideal solution for consumers who do not use inverters and allows them to stay safe during sudden power cuts in homes and offices. Backed by BIS certification with burning hours of up to 25,000, they can also be used as a ‘flashlight’ by holding the socket, making use of the easy to carry design.

“During power outage the BIS approved Lithium ion battery has the capacity to last up to 1.5 Hrs to 2 Hrs as a power Backup. Charging time of the battery is 8 hrs and charging cycle of the battery is 300 times,” said Miyasaki.

Emergency LED lamps are the first-of-its kind addition to Panasonic’s LED lighting portfolio, which serve a dual-purpose of everyday use and are an ideal backup in case of power failures. Miyasaki added, It can be used as a normal LED Bulb, which can give 700 Lumens of light output. It has a dual function of 2 in 1 with automatic switch-on option during power failures. It can also be used as a regular bulb as well as a power back-up bulb with a long operating life of 25000 burning hours.”

Speaking on Anchors range of sustainability focused products and future pipeline of similar projects, Mr. Miyasaki said, Anchor does have a range of Energy Saving Products like Motion Sensor Technology Lamps, Emergency LED Lamps, Normal LED Lamps and is also planning to introduce advanced products backed by IoT driven technology to provide convenience to the consumers.He added,Apart from high value added products like Emergency lamp, we have also launched Motion Sensor Bulb and RGB colour Lamp under the Panasonic lighting umbrella. Both have unique features which will cater to end-user in their day to day life. In addition to this, we are also focusing on adding aesthetically designed products with innovative features by Panasonic technology, ensuring that they are user-friendly, more eco-aware and energy-efficient.”

High efficiency LEDs have become the preferred user choice especially in the emergency lighting segment. The product placement is planned pan-India and will be available in electrical outlets and on eCommerce platforms.

Among its competitors in the Indian market, Syska LED Lights have a product with similar configurations available in the market at ₹ 600, while Su-kam have their rechargeable lamps priced at ₹ 625.

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