Hygenco Delivers Green Hydrogen Demonstration Project in Ujjain

For Hygenco, a firm into design, engineering, optimizing and commissioning of end-to-end Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia assets on Build-Own-Operate and Build-Own-Operate-Transfer basis, the achievement is a creditable demonstrator.

Aiming to be a global leader in deploying Green Hydrogen and facilitating industry solutions, Gurugram- based Hygenco, has installed what it claims is India’s first-of-its-kind off-grid solar PV based green hydrogen pilot plant in Madhya Pradesh. Hygenco says this green hydrogen pilot plant is 100% green by being fully independent of grid ( or backed by fossil power)

Located in Ujjain District (around 60 km from Ujjain), the pilot plant commenced trial operations on March 31, 2022 and was fully commissioned by April 15, 2022. Hygenco is harnessing the renewable power rich location for solar as well as wind-based power generation.

“We are proud to install India’s first truly green hydrogen plant and be a part of India’s mission to produce five million tonnes of green hydrogen annually by 2030. This pilot plant will be part of our R&D Center of Excellence in hydrogen technologies,” said Amit Bansal, Co-Founder & CEO, Hygenco. He added that ‘We hope to provide clean and affordable hydrogen for end-use industries in the country and facilitate in their journey to decarbonise operations”

A state-of-the-art and fully autonomous plant, Hygenco’s green hydrogen pilot plant is controlled by an advanced Energy Management and Control System. The EMCS monitors hundreds of parameters such as solar PV generation, state of charge, as well as hydrogen generation, pressure, temperature, purities from electrolyser and makes autonomous real-time decisions to achieve high efficiencies. The technology enables Hygenco to augment the hydrogen yield and deliver cost-competitive hydrogen to the end clients.

The green hydrogen space, which has seen a flurry of announcements ever since the National Hydrogen Mission was announced, is set to see a huge rise in investments in the coming months and years, as India pushes to become a green hydrogen hub. Currently, the country has set a goal of 5 million tonnes production by 2030.  There is talk of a Green Hydrogen Purchase Obligation being introduced at some stage, besides other measures to support production. The key challenge of course is to bring down production costs to  a dollar per k.g.


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