Now charge your bike on wall socket

Come August and the bike enthusiasts in the country may have this pleasant option to keep their vehicle in a running mode even without going to petrol stations every now and then for their regular fill. At the recently concluded India Auto Expo, 2018 Menza Motors displayed its new innovation – electric motorcycle MENZA LUCAT- which can be conveniently charged at home. The pre-booking of the motorcycle has commenced and the company will be pushing it out of its assembly line for the actual delivery to buyers by mid-August.

“With the launch of  Menza  Lucat, we have brought about a change in the automobile industry of India. Thousands of hours of research and testing were put into getting the mechanics right. We have even connected micro-factory with retails and storefront to meet the accurate dates of delivery and ensure the best consumer experience on a motorcycle.  We  plan  to  set up  an  entire  ecosystem  for electric Motorcycles within the country, which would include the product and the easy availability of charging stations along with creating a community of Menza motorcycle riders in the near future,” Rahul  Gonsalves,  founder  &  CEO Menza Motors commented on this new offering.

Packed with youthful appeal in designing terms, Menza Lucat promises to facilitate its future users the ability to charge on any wall socket and onboard charging. The company claims that it has decided to launch the vehicle commercially after 10,000 km of real road testing. In terms of technical specification, he Motorcycle is powered by 18 KW of Peak power and 60NM of peak torque. With a Brushless DC motor and an air cooling system, the Motorcycle is equipped with 72V Li-ion battery Pack with smart BMS System that has a charge time of only 4 hours and is fast charge capable in 90 minutes.

However, the product once again testifies the popular theory that electric vehicles can be anything but cost effective. Menza Lucat has been priced at Rs 2,79,000 which may not be too attractive for majority of the bike enthusiasts. Market observers will certainly keep a tab on the pre-booking trends in the coming days and weeks given the pricing point which does not fall in the affordable category.

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