HyAxiom, Shell & Others to Decarbonize Shipping Through Fuel Cell Technology

Shipping industry emissions have been in focus due to both the scale of emissions as well as the challenge of driving them down without raising costs disproportionately.

Global fuel cell and hydrogen solutions provider HyAxiom has signed an agreement with energy giant Shell and other parties to power a deep-sea liquefied natural gas carrier with a HyAxiom-developed solid oxide fuel cell to test the technology’s ability to cut carbon emissions from maritime transport.

Under the agreement, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company, Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co, DNV and Doosan Fuel Cell Co, have agreed to launch a vessel powered by a HyAxiom-developed Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) in 2025. HyAxiom said that the objective is decarbonizing the marine transportation industry and helping major industry players achieve their climate goals.

Jeff Hyungrak Chung, President & CEO, HyAxiom said, “HyAxiom is proud to partner with Shell to demonstrate the viability of solid oxide fuel cells as a low to zero carbon way to power the shipping industry.”

Under the agreement, HyAxiom will design and develop the SOFC Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) incorporating the 2 x 300 kilowatts (kW) sub-systems for long-range maritime demonstration. DFCC will manufacture, carry out factory tests and deliver the product. Shell will charter the demonstration vessel. KSOE will assist with system integration and technological deployment. Similarly, DNV will provide technical and safety expertise.

HyAxiom held that once launched, the vessel will operate for one year, during which the parties will collect valuable data on how to further integrate SOFC technology into current vessels and inform how future vessels can be powered by SOFC technology at scale.

Karrie Trauth, SVP Shipping & Maritime at Shell, stated, ” We’re excited to be collaborating with some of the leading names in shipping who share a vision of a zero-emission industry and are working hard to progress shipping decarbonization.”

Sam-Hyun Ka, Vice Chair & CEO of KSOE emphasized: “SOFC is expected to be the more prominent and major power sources for the vessels due to its excellent efficiency. HHI Group will continue to play a leading role with Shell, HyAxiom, DFCC & DNV for the development of future decarbonizing technology.”

As per the official statement of HyAxiom, the consortium agreement was signed during a ceremony in Seoul, South Korea. Representatives from each company included HyAxiom CEO Jeff Hyungrak Chung; DFCC COO Hooseok Che; Shell’s SVP and Global Head of Shipping and Maritime, Karrie Trauth; DNV Regional Manager Korea & Japan Vidar Dolonen; and KSOE Vice Chairman Sam-Hyun Ka.

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