17 Stores Fitted With Solar Panels: Walmart India

Global giant Walmart’s wholly owned subsidiary in India is planning on starting things off in India on a “green foot” by announcing that 17 of its stores in the country will run on sustainable practices such as solar energy, water harvesting and recycling.

The company has retrofitted the lighting systems in all its stores with LED lights. This has helped reduce the energy demand by 15-20%. Walmart has also installed rooftop solar panels in 17 of its best price stores, which meet 33% of the store’s energy requirement. In the next two years, it aims to meet 40% to 50% of its energy demand through solar energy. It has also set a goal to use 100 percent renewable power in the future.

Walmart will be the first of its kind to open a sustainable store in India. Other corporate giants who have announced to go the sustainable way in the country include Amazon India and Microsoft.

Amazon India is to set up 8,000 kW of rooftop solar installations by the end of this year at its fulfilment centres and sorting facilities across the country. This initiative in India is a part of Amazon’s global vision to power 50 of its fulfilment and sorting centres with solar energy by the end of 2020. It has already installed 1,600 kW of solar panels at its centres in Delhi and Hyderabad.

Microsoft, on the other hand, announced the completion of its first renewable energy deal in India. Under the agreement, the company will purchase 3 MW of solar-power from Atria Power for its new office building in Karnataka’s capital city, Bengaluru. It will meet 80 percent of the projected electricity needs through this energy purchase.

Among Indian corporates, we had written about how Infosys has some pretty amazing numbers to showcase when it comes to sustainability.



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