This Company Makes Biodegradable Plastic From Avocado Pits!

The Mexican company Biofase wants to make a change in the world with biodegradable objects that replace plastic.

What else could we say about avocados, besides being a delicacy, a black jewel for vegans, the master touch of food? Without exaggerating, the avocado is a fruit that is not only delicious, but has a series of benefits and qualities that make it an increasingly desired  product all over the world (if you do not believe us, look for commercials of avocados in other countries).

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Like with all things that are priced high, the innate desire to get the most out of it has seen a a  Mexican company called Biofase  develop a bio degradable fruit from the avocado’s  leftover seeds  BioFase discovered a way to create objects such as cutlery and straws through the avocado seed. The company constructs its single-use cutlery and straws out of bioplastics made from discarded avocado pits, making Biofase’s manufacturing process fairly closed-loop.

Biofase claims that its forks, knives, spoons, and straws have a lower carbon footprint than any other comparable material — even paper. “The carbon footprint is much less than other plastics and bioplastics, including paper,” Biofase’s website reads. “This is largely due to a phenomenon called bonus of biogenic carbon, which explains that the Avocado tree, when growing, absorbs CO2 of the atmosphere to form its tissues. This phenomenon does not occur in the production of any plastic derived of the oil.”

Biofase uses avocado pits to make biopolymers

Mexico is a country where a little more than 50% of the world production of avocado takes place. You can already imagine the amount of seeds or pits, that Mexicans must be throwing away. Biofase has come up with a way to stop littering and create products instead. Biofase maintains that their cutlery and straws take less than a year to degrade(about 240 days), however ,they ensure that if stored in a cool place they can last much longer. A necessary initiative in a world which has increasingly become addicted to materials such as plastics.

The innovation has made BioFase the only company in Mexico which is producing biopolymer and selling it to 11 countries. Since launching six years ago, Biofase has grown exponentially. Each month, the company produces 130 tonnes of bioplastics, which is good news as according to Plastic 2018 report by the UN Environment says, approximately 13 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year. So what could make Biofase really big perhaps, is a similar success with say, Mango seeds, or perhaps, even wheat stubble?

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