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The Massive Earth Summit held in Delhi last week brought together individuals and groups with the keen interest of helping save the environment. Once such start-up that caught our eye at the event was GreenNGood. To begin with their name in a way resembled the true essence of the event’s aim, to find and promote innovative green and good ideas to help save our environment. is India’s first and only environmentally certified e-commerce store for Organic, Natural and Eco-friendly products. Co-founded by Aparna Bhatnagar and Vinay Choletti who are both IIM Ahmedabad alumni,
Vinay and Aparna, who are also husband-wife, started GNG out of a strong passion for making environmental change a part of everyday life choices. Finding it difficult to locate products that were truly Green and Good inspired them to create a webstore where like-minded people could easily find high quality Green products.

The idea of was realised in 2009 as the Green and Good Store, and in 2012 the company was renamed to and things really kicked off. Setting up an entire e-commerce business from scratch, they single-handedly managed to establish technology, logistics, operations and supplier relationships, marketing and finance. Once the first hurdle was crossed they recruited a core team that uplifted the company to where it is today, 6 years after its inception. can be considered one of India’s earliest and pioneering online stores devoted to selling sustainable and eco-friendly products. At the heart of is a vision of “Enabling a Healthier and Happier Future for All.”

The firm remains one of only two companies in the country to have been awarded 4 bars on the prestigious ‘Green Signal’- India’s first comprehensive sustainability eco-label.

The products on the website range from organic and natural alternatives to breakfast cereals, snacks, health supplements, personal care. Along with that the widest collection of organic cotton clothing and recycled products for home and many unique products that are not available anywhere else. Many of the products are made by NGOs working with disadvantaged members of our society. Such as the patchwork diaries, the tapric hand bags or the wallets made from waste tyre tubes. These products are not only unique, high quality and beautiful but also are an opportunity to give back to our country and society.

While talking to Iamrenew, Aparna said that she has noticed a growing change in trends in the market for sustainable and environment-friendly products. With changes taking place across the supply chain, and wider adoption of practices and products. You can watch the entire interview here.




Watch Aparna Bhatnagar in conversation with iamrenew.

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