On air pollution, “The biggest change is the increase in awareness” WHO’s Lesley Onyon

We caught up with Lesley Onyon, the regional advisor to the the World Health Organisation’s  (WHO) south-east Asia on occupational and environmental health.  Lesley is based in New Delhi currently, and actively involved with various WHO studies and recommendations on combating the region’s many challenges, including more recently, air pollution. Lesley was attending a session at the Massive Summit in New Delhi, a conference that launched the $150 million Massive Fund for the environment.

While the region’s healthcare systems  are already stretched in her view, a way out is to focus on preventive initiatives, be it the Swachh Bharat mission  or others focused on going to the source of the issue. Sitting in the epicentre of the country with some of the world’s most polluted cities, its a massive task for Lesley, and one we wish her well for.

Catch her speaking to Iamrenew here.


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