MNRE Gets Approval for RETD Programme Under Its R&D Policy

The Ministry of New and Renewable energy has received administrative approval to continue the Renewable Energy Research and Technology Development Programme for the period from 2017-18 to 2019-20.

The Ministry of New and Renewable energy has received a green light from the President to continue its Renewable Energy Research and Technology Development (RETD) Programme. The programme was introduced in 2017 to promote indigenous Technology development and innovation in the Renewable energy field. The scheme which aims at scaling R&D efforts has been allotted Rs. 175.87 crore.

The objective of the scheme is to support the R&D projects for technology development and demonstration in various areas of new and renewable energy such as solar thermal systems, solar photovoltaic systems biogas systems, waste to energy systems, wind energy systems, hybrid systems, storage systems, hydrogen and fuels cells, geothermal, etc. with the ultimate aim of increasing share of renewables in the energy mix in the country.

  • Technology Mapping and Benchmarking;
  • Research, Development, Demonstration and Manufacture needs and facilitate implementation of the same;
  • Encouraging innovation and start-ups.
  • Laying down standards, specifications and performance parameters at par with international levels and facilitate industry in attaining the same;
  • Testing, standardization and certification and appropriate international level quality assurance accreditation and facilitate industry in obtaining the same;
  • Aligning costs of new and renewable energy products and services with international levels and facilitate industry in attaining the same;
  • Facilitation of industry in becoming internationally competitive.
  • Carrying out Renewable Energy Resource Survey, Assessment and Mapping.
  • Providing sustained feedback to manufacturers on performance parameters of new and renewable energy products and services with the aim of effecting continuous up-gradation so as to attain international levels in the shortest possible time span;
  • Providing cost-competitive, new and renewable energy supply options.
  • International collaboration for joint technology development and demonstration, testing and standardization.

The number of new projects that the programme will consider for support has also been doubled from 20( in 2017-18) to 40 (2018-19) and remains same for 2019-20 FY. In total, the programme wants to support 100 new projects for completion. Other details say 15 Startups will be also supported under the programme.

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The scheme will be implemented by R&D / academic institutions/ industries, etc. across the country. Research Groups engaged in R&D / academic institutions, engineering colleges both public and private approved by government accredited body), industries, other organizations, etc. engaged in R&D for promotion of new and renewable energy.

In a bid to promote Research and development, MNRE has been funding R&D projects since 2010. The government understands the need for disruptive technological changes in the renewable energy landscape. To gain a competitive edge and reach its 175 GW goal by 2022, the scheme can help create an enabling environment for the new and upcoming talent which are imperative for integrating technology, increase research output and its linkages with industry for developing their manufacturing capabilities within the country.

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