eBikeGo to Unveil Low Speed Electric Scooters

eBikeGo, one of India’s first electric bike rental and delivery platform, has announced that it plans to launch its own low-speed electric scooters called the “DEXPRESS”.

eBikeGo, one of India’s first electric bike rental and delivery platform, has announced the launch of its own fleet of low-speed electric scooters the “DEXPRESS”.

The low-speed scooters are enabled with fast charging and can reach up to 90 percent charge in under 90 minutes. The scooters can cover 140 KM on a single charge, with a load limit of 220 kg and a top speed 25 km/hr.

During the launch, Dr. Irfan Khan, founder of eBikeGo said that deliveries are expected to begin by mid-September.

“These low-speed scooters will be really helpful for the delivery executives as these scooters do not require a driving license, so people without a driving license can start earning immediately. Also, these low-speed scooters are very cost-effective in terms of renting and charging the battery,”, Khan said.

The e-scooters will come in different variants with 1100, 1500 W battery. At full charge, it can deliver a range of 70-100 km (subject to speed, driving conditions and battery variant). Assuming the fuel price of Rs 2.75/km for an average driver and a ride frequency of 6 days a week, DEXPRESS pays for itself in1 or 2 years just by savings on fuel expenses.

Presently, eBikeGo is providing e-scooters to delivery giants like Zomato and Delhivery. On the basis of B2B ride-sharing business and is already operational in cities like Delhi, Amritsar, Agra, Ludhiana and Jaipur with close to 460 e-scooters in operation. The firm plans to add a thousand more in the upcoming months.

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