MNRE Invites Proposals for R&D in Solar, Storage

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has invited Research and project proposals from the Solar industry stakeholders.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has invited project proposals from solar players, research and development labs, institutions as well as from start-ups. The ministry wants that the companies or other institution that have been developing ideas or prototypes for the solar industry that could result in improving the overall generation, help in grid integration and other technologies can send in their proposals under this program.

The following are the enlisted areas of interest for the MNRE:

  1. Development of a process for segregation of different components of PV module at end of life and recycling of Glass
  2. Development of Grid Tied Inverter suitable for Indian Grid and operating environmental condition
  3. Development of Hybrid inverters of capacity upto 500 KVA
  4. Development of electronics for HT gird stabilization by incorporating storage batteries
  5. Development of High efficiency (6’x6’) perovskite solar cell on single and multi-crystalline silicon substrate.
  6. Development of Photovoltaic based Thermal storage systems for refrigeration propose in cold storage, milk chiller and air conditioners
  7. Development of solar chulha with thermal storage
  8. Development of waste water recovery from industrial waste through solar thermal technologies
  9. Development of solar thermal applications for new multiple and Industrial applications.

The above-mentioned postulates point to MNRE’s previous policy moves. In April the government had raised the issue of Solar Panel glass recycling. According to MNRE, 44 GW of Tenders which are under the process of bidding have created the need for grid integration of the renewable capacity that the country aims to reach.

The government has put a target of 175 GW for 2022. The MNRE secretary at an event yesterday added that the country will need more than 400 GW of energy by 2024 and out of this the Renewable energy is required to generate at least 225 GW of energy.

With EVs to increase its share in Private and public mobility, the MNBRE Minister R K Singh added that the demand for electricity in the coming years will rise from a current 6-8% increase.

With the growing Renewables, there are issues related to end-to-end recycling of waste materials and till date India lacks such facilities.

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