Anchor to Produce and Distribute Mecasolar PV Trackers in India

Spanish PV Tracker company Mecasolar agree deal with Anchor to produce and distribute its PV trackers in India.

Spanish tracking manufacturing company, Mecasolar yesterday announced that it has signed an agreement with Anchor Electricals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic, under which Anchor will undertake the production and distribution of Mecasolar products in India, and further supply it to Southeast Asia and Africa.

Dinesh Aggarwal, JMD of Anchor by Panasonic India, said: “India is on an ambitious path of adding renewable energy, especially solar, the 2.63GW installed capacity in 2014 has increased to 22GW at present, an eight-fold increase. We would like to be an integral part of this growth by enhancing the efficiency of power generation in every possible way. Solar trackers are a very cost-effective way of achieving such an efficiency.”

Anchor will utilize its well established manufacturing and distribution network in India, for supplying Mecasolar’s single-row horizontal PV tracker Hyperion-SR and the multi-row Hyperion-MR products.


PV Trackers direct solar panels or modules toward the sun. These devices change their orientation throughout the day to follow the sun’s path to maximize energy capture. Mecasolar claims that their solar tracking systems have been delivered to more than 45 countries and offer a competitively higher efficiency.

Speaking about the company’s expansion in India, Mr. Alexandros Giannis, CEO of Mecasolar said, “We are truly proud to establish this production and distribution hub in India together with Anchor by Panasonic. Indian market and the surrounding regions constitute an exceptional area of interest for us and we could not imagine a more visionary approach than the synergy created with Anchor by Panasonic.”

Recently, marking its entry into the Indian solar market, German tracker manufacturer, Deger Energie GmbH announced that its agreement with India gears manufacturer Kavitsu Robotronix to create a new joint venture company, Kavitsu Deger. Under the Joint Venture they plan to set up a PV tracker manufacturing facility in Satara, Maharashtra.

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