5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for this Mother’s Day

This weekend on 12th May surprise your mom with these eco-friendly gifts. If you are not sure where to begin, this list of eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas will get you started. These gifts are not only sweet and thoughtful but are also kind to our planet.

Mother’s day is a special day to celebrate your bond with your mom. Though every day is a celebration of our relationship with our parents we can take a day to celebrate one mother and help the other, Mother Nature. So if you are looking for easy yet special ways to celebrate this year’s mother days, look no further:

1. Plant Sapling or Flower Bulbs: From a nearby nursery, buy a sapling, flowering plant bulb, or air purifying indoor plant and gift your mom as well as the other members of your family clean air or flowers. If you have animals, these plants will help lower their anxiety and keep your indoors free from toxins and odor. We are sure your mom will love this dedicated green gift.

2. Plastic Free Naked Cosmetics: If you want to pamper your mom, search for plastic-free beauty products from companies like Lush, Mitti Se, Rustic Art or Nyah Natural. These offer variety of cosmetics and ‘natural’ products that cater to all your beauty woes sans snuffing the life out of it. These companies are against animal testing and craft products that are vegan in the true sense of the word. In short, they are among the best vegan beauty and bath products brands. They are 100% cruelty-free.

3. Gift Certificates of Eco-friendly Businesses: If you are in a fix, and have not yet made any decision, don’t worry we have you covered. It’s important to patronize local eco-friendly businesses. You’re your mom a gift certificate to any or many (your choice) eco-friendly businesses so she too can help support their good work. This is a great way to treat mom and let her pick out some items for herself that she might enjoy.

4. Jewelry out of Recycled material (Buy or DIY): Concerned by the lifecycle of most products that we use in our daily lives, why not take it a bit further. You can support climate crusaders who are also artists to make a living by ordering jewelry made out of recycled material. However, if you want to add a personal touch, you can scrounge through your own house and come up with DIY jewelry piece. This could also mean you can upcycle jewelry piece that still holds an emotional value which your mom will absolutely love.

5. Bird feeder/bird houses/Insect house: Last but not least, let’s not forget our flying friends from nature. The temperatures are already well above 32 degrees and as the summer intensifies animals will be battling heat waves soon. Help them by installing bird feeders with seeds, water or both. If you have some space opt for insect houses for critters of the garden including the endangered bees. After Mother’s day, 20th May marks the World Bee Day, so celebrate a little early. Insect houses resemble birdhouses but smaller and attract numerous pollinators like bees, lacewings, ladybugs and butterflies which will keep you plants, flowers in your mom’s garden happy.

Hope this list helps you choose the best way to express your love and gratitude to your mother and don’t forget a card. Happy Mother’s Day in advance!

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