Soyabean Body To Use Satellite Monitoring Tool For Crop Control In 51 Districts Across India

The Soybean Processors Association of India (SOPA) will use agritech platform Arya.Ag's advanced satellite monitoring tool called 'Prakshep' in conjunction with their artificial intelligence system 'VaMa' to enhance monitoring of soybean crops.

The monitoring of farmland has become an essential aspect of ensuring sustainable food production within the country. In a significant development, Arya.Ag, an Agritech platform, has joined forces with the Soybean Processors Association of India (SOPA) to enhance and streamline the surveillance of soybean crops in India. This collaborative effort between Arya.Ag and SOPA aims to improve the monitoring of soybean cultivation across 51 districts within three states of India.

The official statement by Arya.Ag highlights that this partnership will harness the capabilities of their advanced satellite monitoring tool called ‘Prakshep’ in conjunction with their artificial intelligence system ‘VaMa’. These technologies are fueled by a diverse range of data sources.

According to Arya.Ag, SOPA will gain access to valuable information, datasets, maps, and data-enriched secure APIs for the districts within their purview. These districts span across the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

By integrating innovative solutions of Arya.Ag, SOPA will have the ability to remotely survey their designated districts, detect anomalies, and effortlessly track the progress of farms through a user-friendly web or mobile application provided by Arya.Ag. Chattanathan Devarajan, co-founder of Arya.Ag, expressed his pride in becoming SOPA’s satellite surveillance partner. He highlighted that this collaboration would leverage cutting-edge technology like the Prakshep satellite monitoring tool and the intelligent capabilities of ‘VaMa’. This will empower SOPA to make well-informed decisions aimed at strengthening the soybean value chain nationwide.

Notably, Shivalik Small Finance Bank has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Arya.Ag. The objective of this partnership is to offer financing to small farmers based on warehouse receipts. The overarching goal is to drive financial inclusion for farmers and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) across India.

Arya.Ag is rapidly expanding its operations. In the previous April, it proudly announced surpassing a loan disbursal milestone of Rs 1000 crore within a single year through its fintech platform Aryadhan.

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