NTPC sets new milestone with 20% biomass co-firing

In the previous stints, NTPC had led co-firing efforts with blending 7 to 10% of non-torrefied biomass with coal at NTPC Dadri.

NTPC Limited has achieved a significant milestone by successfully demonstrating the co-firing of 20% torrefied biomass at Unit Number – 4 in Tanda in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This marks a notable advancement towards promoting a sustainable future.

This pioneering initiative, the first of its kind in India’s power sector, underscores NTPC’s commitment to decarbonize its existing coal-fired assets and advance towards net-zero emission objectives.

In the previous stints, NTPC had led co-firing efforts with blending 7 to 10% of non-torrefied biomass with coal at NTPC Dadri. However, to increase biomass co-firing percentages without extensive modifications, NTPC’s Energy Transition and Policy Research Division explored the potential of utilizing torrefied biomass.

Torrefied biomass is produced by heating biomass in an oxygen-deprived environment. The resource shares a coal-like characteristic which helps in facilitating higher co-firing percentages without significant system alterations. Currently, the Gross Calorific Value (GCV) and cost of torrefied biomass pellets are comparable to imported coal.

NTPC’s commitment to decarbonization extends to exploring biomass co-firing in both existing and new coal power plants. Each increment in biomass co-firing has the potential to decrease Carbon Emissions by a corresponding percentage. Moreover, biomass co-firing helps mitigate air pollution resulting from the direct burning of stubble in fields by farmers.

Anticipating substantial cost reductions in the long term as technology and market maturity progress, NTPC aims to set a benchmark for sustainable power generation practices nationwide.

NTPC has allocated 52 Lakh MT of Biomass pellets for 20 NTPC stations and 01 Joint venture (APCPL-Jhajjar). Presently, the total Biomass pellets received/co-fired at 13 NTPC and 02 Joint Venture (APCPL-Jhajjar & NSPCL Bhilai) stations amount to 254063 MT.

To promote awareness about biomass pellet manufacturing from agro residue, NTPC is establishing biomass pellet plants at various locations. These include a 22 TPD Non-Torrefied pellet plant at Lehra Mohabbat, Bhatinda, a 100 TPD Torrefied and 100 TPD Non-Torrefied pellet plant at APCPL-Jhajjar, and a 50 TPD Non-Torrefied pellet plant at NCPS-Dadri.

As per reports, the biomass pellets from these plants will be utilized in co-firing at thermal power stations.

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