Sanjay Dev: Media Needs To Become ‘Active Stakeholder’ in India’s Sustainability Story

Speaking to IamRenew at the Massive Earth Summit in Delhi, Sanjay Dev, the Founder  Editor of Amar Ujala Yuvaan which started in 1948 from Agra, gave insights about Media and it’s changing the role in the society.

Highlighting the common perception about media being a “Propaganda tool”, he highlighted that dialogue with “intention” is needed, to make media an “active stakeholder” in India’s Development story. He also touched upon media engagement in the developmental discourse of the country and said that the atmosphere is conducive as more and more people and companies are realizing the implications of environmental changes. In this scenario, initiatives like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR ) are gaining huge momentum. Media can become the front-runner in connecting far-flung corners of the country and people to such programs and initiatives to gain ‘active, able and effective’ strength.

Dev also added the impetus on education. He said that innovative programs in education and healthcare services, for the marginalized sections of society, can uplift “bright and meritorious students” including specially-abled students. This will put talent in the front row and encourage students from every background to strive for a better future.

His foundation is also working in Bandal Valley for social upliftment of women in hilly areas of Uttarakhand. Sanjay Dev has organized some ambitious and grassroots level programs in collaboration with institutions like UNICEF, United Way of Delhi (the Delhi chapter of world-famous NGO United Way, USA), Children Films Society of India (CFSI). Sanjay Dev has initiated Gagaas Rejuvenation program based on people’s participation in Almora district of Uttarakhand.

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