Patient capital needed for a ‘compelling’ opportunity. Paula Mariwala

Paula Mariwala, Founder and Co-President of the Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs is no stranger to startups and the many challenges they face in India.  In her previous role as MD, Seedfund, she has seen many startups grow and deliver returns, in some cases, disrupt their industries, and of course, every now and then, crash and burn.

In her current role, Paula is taking an active interest in the sustainability space, although she admits that it’s a tough category, and will take time, patient capital and lots of government support possibly, to deliver quality returns. However, she is clear that returns, while important, are not the only barometer to measure Startup success in the space. The need for solutions that make a big enough impact in the struggle to sustainability or meeting even the SDG goals is too important to be measured in financial returns. Find out why.

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