5 Habits That Make Our Moms Eco-Friendly

Indian moms are in a league of their own. These women are a bundle of unconditional love and emotional drama, who are capable of single handedly starting an all out war if you go after their little tribe (these “tribes” usually consist of their offspring and their spouse). Our moms are natural multitaskers and managers, working round the clock making sure everything or rather everyone runs on time and as per schedule (insolence will not be tolerated at any cost). These precious women in our lives are also unknowingly one of the eco-friendliest people on earth. That’s right, our mom’s “nuskaas or habits” could actually teach us a thing or two about living in harmony with mother earth. Here are the top five things our moms do that make them pioneers of the sustainability lifestyle.


Every Cloth Has Potential To Do Great “Saafai”


 That’s’ right. Today’s T-shirt can be tomorrows “dusting cloth”. Moms see potential in everything right from their kids to the clothes they wear. Why throw away torn clothes/towels when you can cut them up and use them again for cleaning the house. With fashion being the second largest polluter in the world, upcycling of clothes is one of the keys to reduce its effect on the planet and our moms have been doing it for ages, so next time you see your ex-favorite piece of clothing being used to wipe the dishes clean, feel  happy and proud that its not in a landfill.


Why Throw Away Future Storage Containers


This habit has fooled almost every kid growing up. You see a box of cookies, you reach out and open it, in the hopes to eat your favorite cookie and out comes buttons and threads. That’s right each box of cookies, mithais or any other container “must” at all costs be preserved and put away, cause you never know when they might come in handy to store little things. Reusing containers especially plastic ones is one of the easiest sustainable practices one can incorporate into their daily lives.


Water On the Go More Like Water To Go


 Ever travelled with your mom and found yourself in need of buying a bottle of water…. I’m guessing if you have, you can literally count the incidents on your fingertips. Our moms always give us a bottle of water from home before we leave or they always travel with one. Bottled Water or any bottled drink for that matter not only increases the level of plastic pollution in our country but it also contains microplastic particles, which could be hazardous to our health.




No Such Thing As Over Ripe Fruits


You think just cause a fruit is black you can’t use it. Think again, cause our moms incorporate those “antioxidants” into their beauty regimes by mashing them up and using them as facemasks or scrubs. Their ability to see potential in the “rotten” is truly uplifting. Most of the discarded food items are put in landfills; these foods often release methane and other greenhouse gases in the process of decomposition. With food being thrown away carelessly into landfills by large amounts of populations across the world, finding a way to reduce it is truly the need of the hour.


There’s Nothing Quite Like Home Cooked Food


 “Oh my god! You’ve lost so much weight. Are you cooking and eating properly?” The proverbial question every mother asks, when her kids are away from home. You might get exasperated but your moms concern about you not cooking might just be able to decrease pollution levels. Moms always cook, they love to feed us and everyone else around them, but in today’s fast paced world none of us find the time to cook food and usually always order online to get it delivered. This delivery of food leads to an increase in white pollution and carbon emissions. So next time follow your moms recipe and try and cook your favorite dish.




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