China’s Benling Planning New E-Bike Launch in India

After successfully selling close to 800 electric two-wheelers in the country, Chinese EV maker Benling India is planning to launch an all-new electric bike to rival India's Revolt 400.

Boosted by the demand for its electric two-wheeler products, China’s Benling has announced its plan to expand its electric portfolio with more EVs soon. Benling India plans to begin sales of its new addition by 2020 to rival the RV 400 in the Indian market.

The move comes at the heels of Niti Aayog’s plan to ban internal combustion engines for two-wheelers below 150CC by the year 2025. The announcement saw the automakers sweat and calling the move non practical. While the big auto giants have been forced into a corner, the startups like Ather, Okinawa, Revolt have got a major boost to innovate and compete in the space with bigger and better variants of electric vehicles cushioned by FAME subsidies and tax benefits.

Last year, boosted by Indian government’s keenness, China-based Sunra, that was so far content exporting batteries and e-bike kits to India, announced that it will enter the country directly. According to an official, it “wants to set up a factory in India, most likely in Bangalore (Bengaluru)”.

A relatively new entrant, Benling India happens to have big plans for the upcoming demand for all-electric two-wheelers.

Benling India began operations in December 2018 and started retailing electric two-wheelers in May this year. Currently, Benling’s product line-up includes three low-speed scooters – Kriti, Falcon and Icon – and a high-speed one called Aura.

Benling scooters price starts at Rs 40,000 and is sold in various cities across India, including Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Gurugram. The manufacturer has a plant in Manesar and has sold about 800 units of its electric scooters since May.

According to Paritosh Dey, Co-Founder & CEO at Benling India Energy & Technology (P) Ltd, the company is in the process of developing and manufacturing an India specific electric bike. According to him, the motorcycle will deliver a range of 140 km between charges and will be capable of top speeds of about 80-90 km/h.

Benling says that it will have a conventional motorcycle design and the performance will be at par with a 125cc motorcycle. Benling plans to launch the new electric motorcycle in India in January 2020. When launched, the new electric motorcycle will compete with Revolt RV400 in India. The company also plans to open three manufacturing plants in accordance with the ‘Make in India’ program.

According to Niti Aayog data, if 30% of personal vehicles, 70% of commercial vehicle and 80% two- and three-wheelers are electric in India by the year 2030, the country will be able to cut down on 846 million tonnes of net carbon emissions.

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