Revolt Intellicast , the first ‘AI-Powered Electric Bike’ plans to upend the EV Bikes market

Rahul Sharma, the co-founder at mobile firm Micromax and now Revolt Intellicast, hopes to apply the right lessons from the Micromax experience to the new electric bike from his firm. Will it disrupt the EV market, and perform longer than Micromax?


Gurgaon-based startup Revolt Intellicast has unveiled its new Revolt RV 400 AI enabled electric motorcycle in India.

The electric bike is India’s first motorcycle to come powered by Artificial Intelligence and can be controlled by an app and Bluetooth connectivity. The Revolt RV 400 will be available for pre-order on June 26 from the company website and Amazon and the booking price will be Rs 1,000.

The Revolt RV 400 AI motorcycle comes with an ARAI certified range of 156 km and is powered by the Revolt App. The app comes with connectivity features such as Bike Locator, doorstep battery delivery, ‘mobile swap stations, Anti-theft, sound selection and preview among many other utilities that are intrinsic to two-wheeler users. 

The bike comes with a 15 W charger and is also designed for battery swapping, which enables users to remove the battery units from the bike and then charge them like a power bank. The bike and the linked mobile application enable the rider to check on the bikes battery percentage at all times, and can also indicate the expected range based on the charge left.

The startup has partnered with delivery specialists Shadow Fox, to enable riders to order batteries on the mobile application and have them delivered directly to their homes.

Additionally, the bike also comes with locations access and allows users to track their trip details and analyse them to understand when the user will be running late due to traffic or weather conditions. Users will also be notified about faults inside the bike and will be able to identify the specific issue. 

Speaking at the launch, Revolt Intellicorp Founder & Chief Revolutionary Officer, Rahul Sharma told TheMobileIndian website, “I have always been a believer in challenging the convention and today truly changes the game for the Indian two-wheeler industry. The RV 400 is the first step towards providing sustainable, affordable mobility to every Indian home RV 400 challenges every convention that riders have pertaining to the EVs – Power Styling and Aesthetics Range Battery charging infrastructure, Security, Sound and Service.”

Readers might recall Sharma’s previous venture, Micromax for the waves it created when it launched. The firm established itself as a major player in the feature phone market, with solid, functional  phones at a competitive price. However, the smartphone revolution eventually left the company behind, as it ceded market share to Chinese firms after a series of missteps, including a wrong reading of the 4G wave of phones.

With the Revolt RV400, Sharma has gone back to the early template of offering the latest features at what he promises will be really competitive prices.  And  with a product that he says is close to his heart, for the impact it can have on the environment.  He stresses on how despite the obvious benefits in terms of air pollution reduction, EV’s will work only when they delver the design and performance that consumers need.  its tough to sell a ‘green’ product that demands compromises, according to him. With the two wheeler EV segment shaping up to become a really competitive one, it remains to be seen how Sharma delivers, and builds on the initial momentum.

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