ICYMI-Beijing International Horticultural Expo 2019.

Starting shortly in Beijing, the International Horticultural Expo 2019 promises to be the biggest such expo of its kind, ever. For horticulturists and even regular tourists, the expo could be worth a visit

For the  Chinese government and municipality of Beijing, the International Horticultural Expo starting this April 29 will be the biggest showcase opportunity for the year. The expo, focused on focus on green living, sustainability and horticulture, expects to attract 16 million visitors to the 500 hectare site over the next 6 months, ending on October 7, 2019.

The Expo is the centrepiece of China’s commemoration of the  70th anniversary of the People’s Republic and will be held in the Yanqing district of Beijing at the foot of the Great Wall.

Under the theme: “Live Green, Live Better” the Expo will focus on the relationship between people and nature and the importance of preserving the environment to achieve sustainable economic growth. Bringing together horticultural practices and traditions from around the world the Expo will show how new technologies and innovation are supporting and encouraging greener lifestyles.

As per the event website,  a total of 80 countries and international organizations will present outdoor exhibitions and plan to build 41 outdoor gardens (including 34 stand-alone gardens and seven joint gardens), of which 32 have begun construction and witnessed phased results. Meanwhile, 33 countries and international organizations plan to present indoor exhibitions. In addition, the number of non-official participants has exceeded 120. The blueprints for the five gardens designed by international architects from Britain, Denmark, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States have been finalized, with construction almost finished. Gardens of 31 Chinese provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, alongside 17 corporate gardensare also ready to be showcased.

Ready to Awe You

For horticulture enthusiasts, the event could be a great opportunity to catch up with Chinese, and other global experts. Planned to run for 160 days, starting April 24, the expo is bound to throw up an avalanche of amazing pictures and selfies as we go along, as its stalls evolve  with the changing seasons , reflecting the beauty, and unhurried pace of horticulture for fans.

Pakistan, the staunch Chinese ally is of course participating too, with a pavilion themed on ‘Indian Mughal Architecture’.

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