Final Warning from Earth? Time to listen and act

The Nobel just went to an William Nordhaus and Paul Romer, economists who have done extensive work on the damage caused by climate change, and built models for long term sustainable growth. And now, the IPCC special report on climate change warns of massive impact by 2030 from climate change, not some distant date in the future.

If ever the world needed to listen to the signals coming in on climate change, the time is now.  Within a week, we have seen two important announcements, from institutions not exactly known for  scaremongering  or adventurous predictions. The Nobel Prize jury, and the IPCC  (Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change) have both got a well deserved reputation in general for being right in their choices and predictions, more often than not.  so while William Nordhaus has been  recognised for his work on the damage caused by climate change, Paul Romer has been feted for his sustainability modeling.

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