Celebrity Bill Nye Takes a Climate Change Class for Adults

TV personality Bill Nye had one too many words for climate change deniers at his recent appearance on a TV show

For the watchers of Big Bang theory, you must have encountered Sheldon’s obsession with Bill Nye, the Science Guy as he reminisced his many childhood memories where the science guy educated him about science and experiments.

The same celebrity, Bill Nye took another class for adults in rather an unconventional manner to drive the point home about the seriousness of climate change in the world. The programme by British comedian John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight the gentle science communicator lost his cool while he tried to explain the situation the world has been reduced to.

Donning a lab coat and safety glasses, he proceeded to school the audience on global warming, but this time he used some very adult language. You can see or rather hear the beloved TV host Nye tried to explain and later proceeded to light a globe on fire with a blow torch.

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Oliver had invited Nye onto his show after a discussion of the Green New Deal resolution which was turned down by the US Congress about 6 weeks earlier. Climate deniers in the US have rubbished the Climate Change phenomena and the biggest supporter behind them has been US President Trump.

This isn’t the first time that Nye has used his platform to bring attention to climate change. In a 2018 interview with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he had raised a question about his approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Bill Nye had earlier commented in his 2017 documentary on Climate Change, “Nowadays, I’m talking to adults,” he said in the trailer, “and I’m not mincing words. Climate is changing, it’s our fault, we got to get to work on this.”

Climate change has often been thought of as a distant problem whose impact might appear decades or centuries in the future especially in countries like the US. However, the frequest debates and more recently The Green New Deal has started the conversation about climate change in the US. This was visible in a study where it showed that Americans are growing more convinced than ever that climate change is having an impact on our world, and the issue is becoming a more important part of their lives. A report released in January by the Yale Program on Climate Communication and George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication based on a survey of Americans nationwide, said about 72 percent of Americans now say that climate change is important to them, an increase of 9 percentage points since last March, and a 16-point increase since March 2015.

Picture: Youtube

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