EUSUSO Denmark and REnergy Dynamics In Partnership For CBG In India

The experience and technology of the Danish partner should be a boost to the abilities of REnergy Dynamics as it moves quickly to build on the opportunities the new CBG landscape in India offers

Under the auspices of the India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership, EUSUSO Denmark and REnergy Dynamics (RED) have announced the signing of a letter of intent to collaborate on exclusively establishing state-of-the-art CBG plants in India. This exclusive joint venture aims to leverage Danish expertise accumulated over 40 years in CBG technology to contribute significantly to India’s burgeoning CBG industry.

The proposed CBG plants will integrate a cutting-edge, patented Danish pre-treatment system, CELLEBRIQTM, designed to enhance the efficiency of anaerobic digestion. This system transforms agricultural residues, such as paddy and straw, from hydrophobic to hydrophilic through a mechanical steam blast process, reducing straw volume by up to 85%. This transformation not only facilitates easier transportation and digestion but also optimizes methane yield potential by 16-18% for paddy straw. Moreover, the system’s digesters achieve a remarkable turnaround time of just 20 days, significantly accelerating CBG production.

Dr. Torben A. Bonde, founder of Biofuel Technology and Kinetic Biofuel is the patent holder for the CELLEBRIQTM including the briquetting technology often termed mechanical steam explosion. EUSUSO has the rights to bring this technology to India, which is entering into a Joint Venture with RED to set up multiple plants in India.

Kushagra Nandan, Co-Founder, Chairman and MD of RED, said“We are delighted to collaborate with EUSUSO Denmark for CELLEBRIQTM. EUSUSO is a trailblazer in providing sustainable technology solutions for the biofuels sector. Our endeavour is to bring state of the art green technologies to India and provide a positive impetus to India’s energy transition.”

Lars Rosgaard, CEO of EUSUSO, affirmed, “EUSUSO is dedicated to importing top-tier Danish technologies to India, the world’s most rapidly expanding bioenergy market. We anticipate a pivotal role in sustaining this sector. We look forward to further expanding our collaboration with REnergy Dynamics in the future”

Varun Karad, Co-Founder and CEO of RED, stated, “Our Joint Venture endeavours to introduce one of the world’s premier and commercially proven technologies for processing crop residues efficiently and economically. We have already identified a site for our inaugural project and are presently engaged in land due diligence and assessing feedstock availability.”

Dedicated to transforming waste into valuable commodities, EUSUSO’s advanced technologies and processes set new standards in CBG production and sustainability. Drawing on successful European precedents, where similar technologies generate approximately 400-450 Nm³ of CBG per ton of volatile solids, this collaboration aims to replicate these achievements in India.

India’s Compressed Bio-Gas sector is rapidly evolving, bolstered by supportive government policies and a growing ecosystem. With nearly 60% of its land dedicated to agriculture, India boasts a vast array of agricultural feedstocks, totaling approximately 1.2 billion tonnes annually, with 40% considered surplus. Initiatives such as the SATAT scheme, along with both central and state government incentives, have spurred the development of numerous small and large-scale CBG plants across the country. However, challenges persist, particularly in feedstock pre-treatment, which affects operational efficiency and financial viability.

REnergy Dynamics (RED) is a company dedicated to advancing the renewable sector in India, offering an integrated bioenergy platform to its clients. RED’s portfolio of solutions includes: company-owned and developed large-scale bioenergy projects; EPC services to renewable energy developers; feedstock aggregation and its supply to compressed biogas projects; and manufacturing and supply of biogas plant components. RED has quickly established a significant presence in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, and Haryana through various bioenergy projects.

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