Meghalaya High Court directs state to rejuvenate water bodies, improve water supply in Shillong

The High Court has asked Meghalaya Government to control sky-rocketing water tanker charges, rejuvenate water bodies and utilize Central projects to improve water supply situation in state capital Shillong.

Moved by the appalling state of clean water supply for drinking purposes in Shillong, the Meghalaya High Court has directed the state government to regulate high charges of water tankers, work on plans for water augmentation, rejuvenate water bodies and utilize Central Government support for increasing the water supply in the state capital. The water supply situation has been more than grim in the summer peak in Shillong.

Hearing a petition for bad water supply and exorbitant rates charged by the water tankers supplying water in different locations of Shillong, the High Court observed that Meghalaya government needs to step in to control the high water tanker prices.

The bench comprising Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice W Diengdoh said that the state needs to have both short term and long term plans to address the water crisis situation. The High Court also said that water bodies in and around Shillong should be de-polluted and rejuvenated as most water bodies stand either choked or contaminated. The High Court held that the District Council will have the responsibility to see the acts of people living in the vicinity of the water bodies.

The High Court held that the state government can also avail the Central Government projects for the North –East states for water supply improvement. These projects have sufficient funds.

The Meghalaya High Court held that the new affidavit of the state government should indicate the contours of Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme. The government was asked to identify additional water reservoir sites beyond Mawphlang.

Water crisis in Shillong

Meghalaya or ‘the abode of clouds’ has been facing water shortages for decades. The key reason for water shortage is that Shillong is located on the leeward side of the rain shadow area of the Khasi Hills. Meghalaya has brought a comprehensive water policy in 2019, which mandated all buildings in the state to have rooftop rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge systems. But, this is yet to be implemented in letter and spirit.

Also, there is lack of proper awareness among the masses regarding water imbalances in Meghalaya; environmental studies have been taken off syllabus at secondary education from most national education boards.

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