BVFCL launches sustainable farming solutions – Mukta Zyme, Mukta Micro Nutrients

The Assam based company has launched Mukta Zyme and Mukta Micro Nutrients to enable sustainable farming practices in the region and beyond.

Assam-based Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Limited (BVFCL) has launched two products or two groundbreaking agricultural solutions – Mukta Zyme and Mukta Micro Nutrients. The event was attended by BVFCL CMD SP Mohanty, and DP PK Banik, along with other senior officials of the company.

The launching ceremony marked the introduction of Mukta Zyme and Mukta Micro Nutrients. These are two innovative agricultural solutions designed to revolutionize farming practices and promote sustainable agriculture in the country.

As per the official statement of BVFCL, these products promise to enhance crop productivity while ensuring environmental stewardship.

During the ceremony, CMD of the firm SP Mohanty appreciated both the Marketing Team and BVFCL employees for their relentless efforts in bringing Mukta Zyme and Mukta Micro Nutrients to fruition. He said that these solutions will improve the livelihoods of farmers across the region and beyond.

Mukta Zyme: BVFCL said that the breakthrough Mukta Zyme offers farmers an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for enhancing soil health. This is an innovative enzymatic product designed to enhance soil fertility and nutrient availability. By promoting organic matter decomposition and nutrient release, it aids in the efficient absorption of essential nutrients by plants, resulting in healthier crops and improved yields.

Mukta Micro Nutrients: BVFCL said that Mukta Micro Nutrients is a cutting-edge formulation that provides plants with essential micronutrients necessary for their growth and development. This product addresses the specific nutritional needs of crops, ensuring balanced nutrition and optimal plant performance. Mukta Micro Nutrients comes with a promise to optimize crop yields and contribute to the overall growth of the agricultural sector.

BVFCL says that the launch of Mukta Zyme and Mukta Micro Nutrients reaffirms its commitment to innovation and sustainable agriculture.

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