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Chakr Innovation, an NCR based startup has devised an innovative solution to the most potent cause of pollution in our cities ie. the emissions from our diesel generators. The startup was founded in 2016 and claims to have designed a device which can collect upto 90% of particulate matter from the emissions of any diesel engines and generators without affecting the performance of the engine.

‘Chakr Shield’ is an innovative emission control device that captures pollution at source and converts it into something useful, the world’s first retro-fit emission control device for diesel generators. The technology claims to capture over 90% of the particulate matter emissions from the exhaust of diesel generators without causing any adverse impact on the diesel engine, and converts pollution into inks and paints.

Led by recent IIT Delhi graduate Kushagra Srivastava, the team of Chakr has skilled engineers and innovators who believe in the collective goal that to improve the quality of life on earth, they need to improve the quality of its air. Now focused on growth,  the firm hopes to create pioneering, sustainable and scalable technologies to combat the grave threat posed by pollution, and their endeavours have not gone unnoticed. Winners of multiple awards like the India Innovation Growth Program by the Department Of Science and Technology, Echoing Green Fellows, Grant for New Technology Development by the Indian Oil Corporation, Best Eco-Innovation Startup by FICCI and most recently one of the few startups to get acknowledged by the GoMassive Fund to name a few.

(Source: Chakr Innovation)

The shield in itself doesn’t require additional energy or high maintenance requirements making the entire process very economical and efficient.

Another company working in the same niche Industry is Graviky Labs, a Bangalore based company which has been working since 2013 on devices which collect particulate matter emissions at the source of diesel vehicles. With products like Kaalink and Air-Ink which can collect upto 95% of the emissions, to be later recycled into ink and paint.

Bharti Singhla, Strategy head, Chakr InnovationIn conversation with Iamrenew:


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