Vodafone & Iron Mountain Join the RE100

This week telecommunication giant Vodafone and data storage leader Iron Mountain announced that they have joined the RE100, a collaborative global initiative that unites more than a hundred influential businesses who are committed to obtain 100% renewable electricity.

Vodafone aims to achieve its 100% renewable aim by 2025, which is an ambitious aim considering its current renewable capacity is at 13%. The company is set to focus primarily on signing long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that will support the growth of renewable energy in markets around the world. Furthermore, the company plans on buying renewable energy certificates. Vodafone has also pledged to reduce its greenhouse gases by 40% by 2025.

“I’m delighted to welcome Vodafone Group to RE100, setting a target to source 100% renewable power by 2025 demonstrates real leadership and a commitment to be a driving force in the clean energy transition,” said Sam Kimmins, Head of the RE100 to a news website.

Iron Mountain plans on achieving its 100% renewables target by 2050, however, Iron Mountain will use its new renewable energy commitment to ensure it meets its science-based target for lowering its greenhouse gas emissions levels by the end of the year in cooperation with the Science-Based Targets Initiative.

Iron Mountain currently has 1,400 facilities spread across 54 countries and has a significant carbon and energy footprint, as do all data storage companies. However, the company has also efforts to mitigate its impact on the environment, its renewables capacity was at 30% in 2017 and all its data centres are now powered by renewable energy, moreover, it has an on-site 6 megawatt (MW) solar installation.

“We applaud Iron Mountain for taking these important steps to address climate change by committing to 100% renewable electricity and setting an ambitious science-based carbon-reduction target, Iron Mountain is joining a growing number of major companies that understand the huge economic benefits and clear competitive advantage of climate action,” said Mindy Lubber, CEO & President of Ceres.

The announcement serves as an important indicator of how corporate giants are getting around to go green before they are forced to, or suffer the tag of being profit focused at the expense of the environment.




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