Laureti Unveils longest range e-SUV to Indian EV Market-Dion X

Promising to be the longest range E-SUV, according to Laureti, Dion-X can go upto 540 kms in a single charge.

UK based auto component manufacturer, Laureti has unveiled its premier e-SUV named as Dion X. Laureti DionX is the premier model of its brand. The new EV brand introduces a full-size E-SUV capable of reaching 540 km range on a single charge. It has a battery of 100 KWH, can reach 0-60kmph in 5.4 SEC and has AWD powertrain

‘‘Using a combination of specific battery technology and power systems gave us the key breakthrough results to bring forth DionX. This enables Laureti to produce highly efficient long range EVs that come with battery life guarantee up to 100,000 km,’’ Emmanuel Laurent, managing director of Laureti says.

DionX is scheduled to demonstrate its performance on the ‘Laureti Endurance Trip’ in August 2019. The trip involves a challenge to make the journey of 6,000 km in less than 12 charge cycles. The starting point of the journey is set from Leh, Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu covering 7 major cities in between which are Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Featuring quintessentially British design and luxurious interiors, DionX brings together futuristic advancements of technology. Laureti has confirmed that the production plant will be set up in the state of Puducherry.

‘‘Laureti will also be known for its safety aspect especially in the Indian market. We sourced a lot of data and research on road conditions and traffic behavior in building our technology solutions to achieve the top mark in safety standards. We are looking forward to publishing further test results and demonstrating them live in the ‘Endurance Trip’ this year,’’ says Marcus Paleti, CEO of Laureti Automotive Corporation. “Most of the breakthrough technologies used in making DionX sourced from cooperation and joint ventures with leading innovative companies in France who I think will be a major contributor for the success of Laureti,” he added.

Laureti claims to have executed several joint ventures that secured necessary technology, funding, and infrastructure to deploy 100,000 charging points across all major cities in India. It projects the network to become operational by 2020. With robust charging infrastructure and highly efficient EVs, Laureti is believed to be a game-changer to enable mass adoption to electric mobility in India.

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