TruAlt Bioenergy to build 10 new plants with Rs 600 crore

TruAlt founder and managing director Vijay Nirani said that the company is gearing up to expand its capacity by 2.7 lakh liters per day.

TruAlt Bioenergy, a leading biofuels conglomerate based in Bengaluru, is poised for substantial growth in the upcoming fiscal year. Under the stewardship of founder and managing director Vijay Nirani, the company is gearing up to expand its capacity by 2.7 lakh liters per day through significant investments.

The plan of TruAlt is for establishing 10 new ethanol plants, bringing the total count to 15. TruAlt said that this expansion in business will require an investment of approximately Rs 600 crore.

These expansions will primarily be concentrated in Bijapur, Karnataka, and Pune, with the aim of commencing operations within the next fiscal period.

TruAlt specialises in a range of biofuels such as 1G ethanol, 2G ethanol, compressed biogas, sustainable aviation fuel, fermented organic manure, and green hydrogen. TruAlt Bioenergy currently operates five 1G ethanol units with a combined daily capacity of 2 million liters. This positions the company as the largest ethanol producer in the country, alongside a compressed biogas capacity of 10 tonnes per day.

Vijay Nirani commented on the TruAlt expansion, “We are planning to enhance our biofuel capacity by 2.7 lakh tonnes per day, expanding to 15 plants with an investment of Rs 600 crore. These plants will be situated in Bijapur, Karnataka, and Pune, and are expected to be operational in the next fiscal year.”

As per TruAlt, land for these upcoming facilities has already been identified. The company is already having plants in in Bijapur and Pune.

In addition, TruAlt recently formed a joint venture with GAIL India, a national gas major, for the establishment of 10 plants representing a combined investment of $72 million. These plants will produce approximately 33 million kilograms of compressed biogas using organic waste as feedstock. TruAlt said that each facility of the joint venture is projected to process around 10,000 kilograms of organic waste daily, yielding 100,000 kilograms of compressed biogas. Furthermore, the company anticipates a robust revenue growth of around 30 percent for the current fiscal year.

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