Satyukt Analytics, Karnataka Government collaborate to further sustainable farming

The Sat2Farm mobile app developed by Satyukt Analytics will deliver real-time data to farmers, offering crucial information on soil health, moisture levels, crop conditions, pests and diseases.

Satyukt Analytics, an Agritech start-up, has joined forces with Karnataka Government’s Grama One Centers to transform agriculture through precision farming. The objective is to enhance accessibility to cutting-edge satellite-based solutions for farmers throughout the state of Karnataka.

The Sat2Farm mobile app, developed by Satyukt Analytics, delivers real-time data to farmers, offering crucial information on soil health, moisture levels, crop conditions, pests, and diseases. Through advanced satellite technology, Sat2Farm provides invaluable insights, enabling farmers to optimize resource utilization, make informed crop choices, and effectively manage pests and diseases.

Emphasizing the commitment to sustainable farming practices, Satyukt Analytics stated that the collaboration aims to further these practices in the state. The GramaOne program in Karnataka, designed to provide citizen services directly to villages, acts as a comprehensive assistance center. The partnership aims to ensure seamless access to Sat2Farm’s agricultural services for rural citizens, bridging the gap between urban and rural areas and bringing the advantages of satellite remote sensing technology to farmers’ doorsteps.

The B2C Services Launch Event, held through GramaOne centers in Tumakur district, saw the participation of top government officials. Manoj, Karnataka State Head for the GramaOne Project, attended the event along with representatives from 150 GramaOne and KarnatakaOne centers in Tumakur district. Satyukt Analytics showcased its expertise in satellite-based digital farming solutions through the Sat2Farm mobile app.

The digital farming solutions presented include rapid soil health reports, pest and disease forewarnings, image-based diagnosis, crop-specific practices, soil moisture estimation, irrigation advisories, weather forecasts, and crop health analysis.

Sat Kumar Tomer, Founder and CEO of Satyukt Analytics, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “GramaOne is the flagship program of the Government of Karnataka aimed at delivering Government to Citizen (G2C) and Business to Customer (B2C) services to rural citizens in their own villages. Satyukt is pleased to provide its Sat2Farm B2C services through GramaOne throughout the Karnataka state.”

Karnataka is making strides in investments in agritech businesses which is higher than states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Bangalore has become the new hub of technology based agriculture services providing companies.

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