GAIL, TruAlt Bioenergy to form JV to build 10 CBG plants

The JV involves a $72-million investment and the objective is to produce over 33 million kg of CBG by processing organic waste.

GAIL India Ltd, a prominent gas distributor and public sector undertaking, has partnered with TruAlt Bioenergy to establish 10 compressed biogas (CBG) plants. The joint venture, named Leafinti Bioenergy Limited, involves a $72-million investment, with GAIL holding a 49% stake and TruAlt Bioenergy holding 51%.

The collaboration aims to produce over 33 million kg of CBG by processing organic waste as the primary raw material.

Pending due diligence and regulatory approvals, the investment by GAIL and TruAlt Bioenergy will be a combination of debt and equity. Each of the 10 plants will be designed to process 10,000 kg of organic waste daily, resulting in the production of 100,000 kg of CBG. The biogas plants are expected to create more than 600 jobs. Apart from biogas, the plants will also produce solid fermented organic manure (SFOM) and liquid fermented organic manure (LFOM). Recently, Indian Biogas Association has revealed that the government is about to launch a new scheme under which the fertilizer manufacturers will be mandated to purchase organic manure from biogas plants as it will open additional revenue stream for the producers.

The joint venture between GAIL and TruAlt aligns with India’s emphasis on cleaner and greener fuel, supporting the nation’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. TruAlt Bioenergy, a participant in India’s ethanol-blended petrol (EBP) program, aims to establish a comprehensive CBG ecosystem for a seamless transition to cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy sources. Additionally, the venture is anticipated to contribute to sustainable agricultural practices.

Recently, GAIL also signed an MoU with Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) for the development of CBG projects and other renewable energy projects in Punjab. GAIL will be setting up 10 CBG projects initially with an investment of about Rs 600 crore. It will enable the production of 35,000 tonne of biogas. Similarly, the Karnataka state government is also in discussion with GAIL to set up biogas plants in 15 districts.

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