GEMA begins ‘Makka Ugao’ drive to raise maize production in India for ethanol

The campaign, aimed at raising awareness among its 70+ member ethanol producers, utilizes various channels that includes traditional media and digital platforms.

The Grain Ethanol Manufacturers’ Association (GEMA) has launched the “Makka Ugao” awareness campaign throughout the country to bolster maize cultivation in India.

GEMA is representing grain-based ethanol plants nationwide. Given the government’s emphasis on maize production, it will serve as a crucial feedstock for boosting ethanol output from grain-based plants.

At present, the government has achieved nearly 12% of the ethanol blending in petrol and the share of grain-based ethanol making is significant.

With maize constituting only 10% of total food grain production, its significance spans from animal feed to an array of industrial applications like starch, oil, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

The campaign, aimed at raising awareness among its 70+ member ethanol producers, utilizes various channels, including digital content creation for platforms like YouTube and Instagram. GEMA will also employ traditional media like newspaper advertisements and banners.

GEMA Joint Secretary, Arushi Jain says that the collaboration with seed companies and farmers to drive the initiative will be important. Workshops and engagement programs, such as ‘Nukkad’ workshops in villages are also in the pipeline of the targeted campaign of GEMA.

As per information from GEMA, this multifaceted campaign involves agronomists, fertilizer/pesticide companies, logistics providers, trade networks, and consumers.

GEMA highlights maize’s eco-friendly attributes, its role in ethanol production, and its lucrative market value. The association is underscoring the need for substantial growth in production. The campaign, starting ahead of the 2024 sowing season, aims for year-round impact, including R&D for higher-yielding maize varieties.

The government has been promoting blending of ethanol in petrol under the Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) Programme with multiple objectives including reducing import dependence, savings in foreign exchange, providing boost to domestic agriculture sector and for associated environmental benefits. Centre has approved assistance to a total of 1212 projects including 590 molasses-based; 474 grain-based; and 148 dual-feed based projects under interest subvention scheme to enhance ethanol production under EBP.

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