Pahal, collaborate for biogas plants development

Pahal is offering financing services and provides cutting-edge biogas solutions.

Pahal Financial Services has unveiled its financing services for cutting-edge biogas solutions, aiming to promote sustainable agriculture and environmental preservation. The launch event, held in Kheralu, District Mehsana of Gujarat, showcased the introduction of technology-driven biogas solutions by to individual consumers.

According to the official statement, offers a prefabricated modular biogas solution equipped with a comprehensive range of biogas appliances and connections. This innovative system effectively addresses the critical issue of waste management by converting animal waste into nutrient-rich biofertilizer and clean energy.

The event witnessed the participation of local farmers, government officials, and representatives from, Accion, and Sa-Dhan. Pahal’s initiative empowers farmers to convert waste into a valuable resource, facilitating a shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices.

Dharmesh Shah, Associate Director of Pahal, said, “We are delighted to present this revolutionary bio digester product to our valued customers in Kheralu District, Mehsana. This technology not only provides a sustainable energy source but also promotes soil health and fertility. Pahal is dedicated to supporting our farming communities while contributing to a cleaner and greener environment. This partnership with will help us.”

Commenting on the partnership, Nityanand Singh, Senior Business Development Manager at said, “We’re thrilled about this partnership, a major step towards our goal of reaching more farmers and empowering them with clean energy. Modern biogas technology promises agricultural and environmental sustainability, offering renewable energy, improved soil health, reduced emissions, and reduced dependence on fossil fuels.”

Vishal Ajmera, Senior Director at Accion, mentioned,“Agricultural technology and assets can help farmers, particularly smallholders, overcome productivity challenges. However, many farmers struggle to invest in it due to limited access to capital and insufficient support,” shared. “Through our partnership with and Pahal, we are developing farmer-centric solutions — from product design to loan repayment methods — to ensure the benefits reach the last mile.” India is a social enterprise with its national headquarters in Pune. Sistema works through three axes: technology, capacity building and financing to address poverty, food security, and climate change. It manufactures and distributes very high-quality, affordable and modular hybrid system biodigesters that enable farmers around the world to be energy-efficient and fertilizer independent.

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