EverEnviro commences CBG production & sale from two pressmud-based plants in Uttar Pradesh

The CBG production in the two plants comes from pressmud – which is a residue in sugar industry.

In a key announcement, EverEnviro Resource Management Pvt Ltd has said that it has successfully commenced the production and dispatch of Compressed Bio-Gas (CBG) from two of its plants that have respective capacities of 10 TPD each in Uttar Pradesh.

The biogas conglomerate said that the CBG plants are located in the districts of Balrampur and Lakhimpur Khiri.

“This milestone marks the full commissioning of both the projects and underscores our commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Our journey began with the Indore CBG plant, where we pioneered CBG production from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Subsequently, we expanded our horizons with the commissioning of two CBG plants in Punjab utilizing Paddy Straw,” said EverEnviro.

The CBG production in the two plants comes from pressmud – which is a residue in sugar industry. EverEnviro has now showcased its capabilities in the CBG production from all three kinds of feedstocks.

EverEnviro said, “This achievement attests the dedication and hard work of our team, as well as the trust placed in us by our stakeholders. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved in this remarkable feat!”

Recently, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation has partnered EverEnviro to address the persistent issue of solid waste disposal in the Uttar Pradesh state capital by developing a biogas or Bio-CNG plant. The plant will process solid waste to produce 12 metric tons of gas daily, enough to power 300 buses each day.

ONGC will also form a joint venture with EverEnviro to set up compressed biogas plants (CBG) across India.

The company is excited about the positive impact these initiatives will have on fostering a greener, more sustainable future for our community and the nation.

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