Ecoppia to Deploy Cleaning Robots in Bhadla Solar Park

Ecoppia a robotics company, which provides photovoltaic solar panel cleaning, has signed an agreement with SB Energy to install 2000 robots across its 5 sites at the Bhadla Solar Park (Phase III & IV) in Rajasthan. This is Ecoppia’s third project in the region having recently completed large-scale deployments of its robots in partnership with ENGIE and Ostro Power in the Bhadla Solar Park.

These robots work independent of human interference and can be remotely operated through a cloud-based control system. It is estimated that Ecoppia’s water-free technology can save over 2 billion litres of water in 25 years of a solar plant operation, due to its “water free cleaning technology”. This technology will indeed be a welcome change for the solar park in Bhadla as the desert storms make sure the panels need to be constantly cleaned, in an essentially water scarce area.

“We are thrilled to be working with a technology-driven and forward-looking company like SB Energy. The unparalleled experience gained in India, especially in the Rajasthan desert over the last three years, will enable us to seamlessly comply with SB Energy’s high operational standards,” said Eran Meller, CEO of Ecoppia.

Abhijeet Sathe, COO of SB Energy said, “We are convinced that adopting breakthrough technologies is key to coping with the challenging market conditions and increasing operational efficiency”. For the Softbank backed SB Energy, widely anticipated to be among the most aggressive players in the coming period leading up to 2022, the experience with Ecoppia or even other similar services will hopefully be a positive one, as water availability at solar sites will continue to rise up as a challenge.

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