Buyofuel introduces ‘BuyoTrace’ for ‘sustainabile & authentic’ biofuels

'BuyoTrace' on the digital platform of Buyofuel that is dedicated to green fuels helps in ensuring the genuineness and eco-friendliness of biofuels.

Buyofuel, a prominent figure in the biofuel sector, has unveiled an innovative addition known as ‘BuyoTrace’ on its digital platform dedicated to green fuels. Distinguished as the pioneering solution of its kind, this feature by Buyofuel is designed to guarantee the genuineness and eco-friendliness of biofuels, fostering trust among users.

According to Buyofuel, ‘BuyoTrace’ encompasses source verification, sustainability assurance, transparency, and user empowerment. It meticulously monitors and authenticates the origin of biofuel products, aligning with global environmental objectives and sustainability benchmarks.

“This one of the first of its kind feature, BuyoTrace, sets a new standard in the biofuel industry,” said Kishan Karunakaran CEO of Buyofuel,. “It is a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer empowerment. By providing complete transparency, we aim to redefine the biofuel market and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

The Buyofuel platform serves as a nexus connecting raw materials aggregators, manufacturers, consumers, and waste materials, thereby expanding biofuel accessibility to a broader audience. With the integration of ‘BuyoTrace,’ the platform now features a traceability system that meticulously tracks the journey of biofuels from their origin to the ultimate consumer. Buyofuel is a Madukkal (Tamil Nadu) based company.

In the middle of 2023, Buyofuel introduced its groundbreaking sustainability dashboard, transforming the assessment of environmental impact by leveraging biofuels. Asserting itself as a trailblazer in the biofuels industry, Buyofuel strives to furnish companies with a unique tool for gauging the favorable outcomes resulting from the adoption of biofuels and the substitution of traditional fossil fuels.

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