The Lumos 499 Brings Sunlight Where The Sun Doesn’t

A Hyderabad based firm has designed a product to ensure sunlight reaches parts of your home or office where the sun can't. The firm sees immense benefits of this on health and well being.

Are you worried about missing out on your regular dose of sunlight indoors?  With Vitamin D deficiency rearing up as a serious issue for people locked in due to Covid, or even otherwise due to sedentary desk jobs, Hyderabad based Uniworks Design has a solution to offer.  Their Lumos-499 device promises to  harness the solar power of the sun and bring in natural sunlight in indoor spaces. The product itself is extremely handy and can be controlled wirelessly. Lumos 499 is an electronic product which tracks the sun and reflects sunlight onto certain fixed points inside the house. The material used is such that it ends up reflecting sunlight in its most natural form inside the house. The light is diffused inside the house in natural patterns. A weight of 450 gms makes it very easy to move It does not even need any external source of power supply as it is self-sustainable.

The best part, however, is its non-dependence on the sun’s position.  It provides a stable natural light irrespective of the sun’s position. Even inside the home its position can be controlled wirelessly making it very easy to use. At an introductory price of Rs 10,000, Uniworks  founder Arun Kumar Chaubey hopes that they will have enough feedback and response to make a long term plan for more partnerships to spread reach.

Launched formally on 30th November the firm plans to go the online way initially, at and other partner sites.

Arun Kumar Chaubey, Founder, Uniworks Designs

The target audience for this product is the urban apartment-dwellers who face a severe crunch of natural light in their living spaces. This lack of a natural source of sunlight leads to several problems which include but are not limited to both physical as well as mental ailments. This device can help to synthesize Vitamin D in the human body while also helping to maintain a proper sleep cycle as the lack of sunlight also reduces the amount of Melatonin our brain produces. Melatonin is vital because that is what tells one’s brain that it is time to sleep. A well-lit space is known to be an instant mood-enhancer and this product would add life to one’s home by filling it with an ample amount of natural light.

The firm behind the Lumos 499, Uniworks Designs is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary, and urban design in firm with offices in  Hyderabad and New Delhi. It has been involved with commercial and residential refurbishments for over 4 years. Uniworks offers to the clients the complete range of architectural design services, from concept through construction. In an increasingly urbanized landscape, Uniworks claims to focus on marrying and connecting nature with a man-made environment. “With a philosophy that puts people at the center of all its designs, we ensure that our designs incorporate natural elements, locally sourced Eco-friendly ingredients and recycled and reclaimed materials to ensure sustainable conservation as well as healthy living for all”, is the firm’s pitch. The firm has been building products for some time now,  with the Lumos 499 just one in a pipeline of products under development, be it ergonomic furniture, alternate structural materials, worker bionic material or even research on indoor air quality.



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