Air Purifiers for Home and small offices

With Air Purifiers being sold on the strongest and most effective emotion , fear, getting it wrong can be frustrating. So here's some help.

As soon as Dussehra ends, air quality in India and especially in Northern India starts to take over the headlines. Not because it suddenly gets bad, because around this time, it moves into what we should call ‘ what were you doing for till now’ territory. In other words, already poor quality gets worse, moving into ‘severe’or even hazardous territory.   Even as people argue over the relative contribution of firecrackers to the mix, or farm fires or dust, its an unfortunate fact that your health pays the price.  So without getting into the buck passing around blame, just what can air purifiers  do for you? Lets get into that.

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In this article, we will be focusing on the smaller, and necessarily ‘cheaper’purifiers, targeted at smaller spaces. Typically less than 350 sq feet.

First things first, you may encounter the question of regular room size of 350 sq feet, think of a one room set studio with bath, small kitchen and living space. This area can use a small portable air purifiers where you have enough choices at Rs 10-15,000.

Model HEPA UV ION wifi/app Pre filter Carbon Sensor Timer Washable Filter PM/Allergen Noise Filter Cost warranty Sq Feet Price
Atlanta Healthcare Beta Yes Yes Yes No NA Yes Yes Yes Maintainance 2.5PM 35-45 db 3000 1 year 350 8,999
Ooze H3O Ve1 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Optional Remote Control Yes 2.5 PM Above 18 db 999 No Warranty 350 9,869
Treeco TC-207 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes+ Remote Control Yes 2.5 PM 45 db No Data 1 year on defect 150-200 6,999
OxyPure Plus Air Purifier Yes Yes Yes No NA Yes Yes Yes+ Remote Control Maintainance <2.5 PM 57 db No Data 2 years 350 14,000
Mi Air Purifier 2S Yes No NA Yes NA Yes Yes Yes Maintainance 2.5 PM No data 2100 1 Year Above 350 8,999
Honeywell Air Touch A5 Yes No NA NA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 2.5 PM 23- 54 db 3200 1 Year 323 8,989
Honeywell Lite Indoor Yes No NA NA Yes Yes Yes Yes Maintainance 2.5 PM 30-49db 4050 1 Year 250 10,999
Blueair Joy S Yes NA NA NA Yes Yes No No Yes <2.5 PM 17-46db No Data 2 Years 172 9,899
KENT Aura Room Air Purifier Yes NA Yes No No Yes Yes Yes NA 2.5 PM 60 db No Data 1 year 290 6,999

The things you should always take care while buying an air purifier:

  1. Know the square feet area or Meter square area to make the right choice: There is no one size fit all product. Knowing the right area helps you to make the right choice.

    Calculate the area to choose the right air purifier
  2. Check all its feature and maintenance costs: hidden costs must not stay hidden, ask questions and take demos at your home or office to check the product’s efficacy.
  3. Know your sensitivity: Assess if you need an air purifier or not. If you do, what kind will best suit your needs. Check whether you have allergies or Asthma or any other respiratory disorder, only then make a choice.
  4. Wherever you install or use Air purifier, the room or house should not have any gaps or openings/ cracks in windows, doors or other ventilation. Choose a location that does not interrupt the air flow while the air purifier works.
  5. Do not solely depend on air purifier to clean the air, use home plants, maintain clean upholstery (vacuum and dust regularly). If you have pets, wash and bathe them regularly, inoculate and maintain their general hygiene.

    Air purifier vs plants or both
  6. There are options of other air purifiers like activated charcoal bags or gadgets like eureka forbes cleaning bulb portable air purifier. These are unconventional choices but one can choose them if cost and energy saving is your main concern.
  7. While reviewing these air purifiers, we found out that Aeroguard and Xiaomi despite good pricing are receiving complaints for its maintenance which has left its customers unsatisfied. So do check the maintenance services offered by the companies or buy an AMC so that you have a good and functional air purifier at your disposal.
  8. Last but not the least, check you house for any kind of infestation. Long term seepage or mould on wall surface can shoot up allergies among people especially children who are prone sinusitis or dust allergies.

We hope this will help you make the right choice as the air gets really smoggy. And of course, do what you can to ensure this is not the solution we get, be it lighting less or no crackers, pressurising your elected representatives to make more efforts at greening your area and conserving the greens that do exist, and pushing for a more scientific approach to road cleaning, for instance, where we continue to make matters worse with dust being swept by brooms every day.  When it comes to air purifiers, keep in mind that they can only take you so far, and the best solution is not need them at all. That is a fight worth fighting for, as clean air is not just about the air indicators, but the overall environment we all live in.

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