World’s First Carbon Neutral Laptop Coming Soon in Europe

UK-based Circular Computing has teamed up with Danish IT firm Elitecom to launch what they claim will be the "world's first carbon neutral laptops".

Elitecom ApS, Denmark’s leading IT business, has been chosen to spearhead the drive for Circular Computing in Denmark. The new ‘carbon neutral’ laptops are initially being sold in Denmark, ahead of plans to expand sales across Europe.

Jan Roedahl, CEO of Elitecom commented, “We’re delighted to announce our exciting new collaboration with Circular Computing to bring sustainable, affordable and environmentally-friendly laptops to the Danish market. Circular Computing is globally recognized as a world first and Elitecom shares many of its core values. It’s a win for us, a win for our customers and a win for the planet.”

It has been estimated that more than 160 million new laptops are made every year around the world, requiring natural resources and rare earth metals and minerals to manufacture, and contributing to environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions.

70% of discarded laptops can be reused

Meanwhile, 160,000 laptops are also disposed of every day in the EU alone, resulting in millions of tonnes of e-waste, according to Circular Computing.

However, the company argues 70 percent of discarded laptops can be reused and is aiming to recruit a network of partners across Europe to help bring its range of green remanufactured laptops to market. The company re-purchases these laptops every 3 years after which they re-join the remanufacturing process and are redeployed to other customers. In total, the company estimates that in three re-loop cycles, another nine years of useful life is added for every computer.

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Circular Computing’s mission is to change the way the world buys IT and create positive environmental, social and ethical impacts for a better world with a brighter future. The company has invested over €5m (£4.4m) in the world’s first purpose-built computer remanufacturing facility, which can extend the useful life of these carbon neutral laptops by a further 3–4 years.

the company believes that businesses opting to buy remanufactured laptops can save money compared to brand new computers, as well as cut down on carbon emissions, resource use, and e-waste, according to the company, which claims its process can extend the life of a computer by another three to four years.

Working with Belgian NGO WeForest, the company will also plant five trees for every one of the laptops it sells, meaning that each of its computers sequesters 600kg of CO2 and has a zero carbon footprint for the first three years of use, it claims.

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