‘Drink a Beer that Saves the Planet!’: Texan Organic Alcoholic Beverages Brand Launches Sustainable Beer

That's right, drink a beer that’s 100% organic and healthier for the environment. In the spirit of leading the change toward more sustainable practices, NDN Brands introduces its newest eco-friendly beverage, Jai Ho Beer.

NDN Brands’ new palette-pleaser brew is said to be a pioneer when it comes to offsetting its carbon footprint. Using the power of the sun and magic of the earth, Jai Ho beer is 49 days slow-brewed in a Certified Carbon Neutral Brewery. Pairing 100% solar energy with organic barley, hops, and pristine water from Scandinavian springs, this beer has been carefully crafted into the Midday Lager and Midnight India Pale Ale.

Texas-based NDN Brands describes itself as “a global ethnic brand with a mission to create premium, organic alcoholic beverages made with high-quality ingredients.” The company’s “passion point” centres around producing high-quality organic beer and sipping spirits from quality ingredients.

“NDN Brands is thoughtful and calculated in its approach to production, and places great importance on selecting facilities in regions where ingredients thrive and the end result is not only great, but exceptional,” states the company.

The manufacturers of the new eco-friendly beverage believe that the name “Jai Ho” is used as a universal “Cheers” to connect the global citizens and explorers of the world. Join the Jai Ho movement and celebrate a better future – a portion of the beer proceeds go to climate action projects around the globe through our partnership with Ecologi, said an official statement.

JAI HO MIDDAY is a fresh and crisp lager, crafted to quench any type of taste buds. With a blend of earthy, sweet and citrus flavors, this easy-drinker provides maximum refreshment during every life adventure: 4.6% ABV, 49 days Slow Brewed, Certified Organic, IBU 15

JAI HO MIDNIGHT is an India Pale Ale that features exotic and tangy flavors with a smooth and citrus finish. Its bold, hoppy bite is the perfect balance between light and refreshing: 4.8% ABV, 49 Days Slow Brewed, Certified Organic, IBU 15

“Raise a glass while saying “Jai Ho” and join the eco-beer revolution! Thirsty for more? The Jai Ho beer brand is now offering FREE SHIPPING with every purchase,” state the manufacturers.

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