India Among Few Countries Setting Up Small Green Hydrogen Projects

A report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) said that China remained the main consumer of hydrogen globally, followed by US, Middle East and India.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently released its Global Hydrogen Review Report. This report describes the progress made by countries that support their H2I (Hydrogen Initiative), an initiative put forward by the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM). As per the report, globally, hydrogen use in industry in 2022 increased by 2 percent as compared with 2021. This was reportedly driven by the global demand for Ammonia rising by 0.4%, Methanol by 5%, and DRI by 4%, although growth rates were lower than the average of the previous year. 

The report cites that more than 70% of global production was in China, the United States, the Middle East, India, and Russia in 2022 (in descending order by share of production). China remains among the top consumers of hydrogen in industrial applications comprising 35% of consumers and as per the report, China remains the main consumer of hydrogen. In industrial applications, in India it is used by 35% of global industrial use, followed by the Middle East (14%), North America (10%) and India (9%). 

As per the report, India is among the few other countries that are setting up small green hydrogen projects. It cites that India is among three countries that are setting up (5 MW of electrolysis for methanol production), while other countries such as Spain (8 MW of electrolysis to replace natural gas with hydrogen), and Sweden (17 MW of electrolysis for heating steel before rolling). 

The report cites that India can become the market for activities such as hydrogen combustion, for retrofitting of diesel engines, which are currently being carried by Technocarb and CMB.TECH. The report highlights the vision of companies such as Cummins which has revealed a concept hydrogen combustion truck to make India the sought-after market. 

The report echoed in announcements made by Tata Motors and JBC.  It elaborates on the application of Hydrogen in mining trucks that are gaining momentum, with 120 kW proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and hydrogen-electric conversion of 2 wheeled excavators developed by Zepp. The report highlights the solutions deployed by companies in India such as Ballard which are supplying fuel cells for retrofitting mining trucks. These companies have received orders in March and June of 2023. 

The report also shares details on India’s interest in biomass-based technologies. The report highlights Reliance’s success in testing, in August 2023. The gasification of torrefied biomass 52 for hydrogen production, plans to develop a pre-commercial demonstrator to produce 18 kt H2/y using catalytic gasification.

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