Eco-Friendly Bricks

Aligarh, best known for the university located in the city, might just have a lesson in waste management for the rest of India. Under its Swachh Bharat Abhiyan agenda, the municipal corporation of Aligarh has found a new way to manage waste. Eco-friendly bricks. These bricks use a mix of garbage, cement and concrete to tackle the issue of waste effectively.

The idea of making bricks from waste was presented to the state Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath last year by Gurugram based A2Z green waste management company and the government has moved fast on the idea.

The bricks are prepared in a plant in Meerut and have so far found use in projects in Lucknow and Gurugram, and with the recent passing of the proposal by the municipal board, these bricks can now be used in more areas. A single brick weighs nearly 17 KGs and costs an estimate 35 rupees, with the respective authorities now working on decreasing the size and weight of the bricks to find wider applications.

“These bricks are eco-friendly. We are utilising the waste 100 per cent to make them. For our efforts, we have been chosen for an award at Swachh Survekshan 2018 Awards,” Municipal Commissioner Satya Prakash Patel said.

The credit for the idea, however, goes to a Gujarat-based entrepreneur Binish Desai. He came up with the idea of making P-block bricks out of industrial waste and other waste which otherwise would have made its way into landfills. Designing the first set of bricks at the mere age of 11 he has so far helped recycle more than 400 tonnes of industrial waste and successfully built more than 1,000 toilets across India. A true Environment Warrior.

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