India is building a high-tech sustainable city from Scratch in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Capital Amravathi will get a makeover into a high tech sustainable city.

In news from Andhra Pradesh. The state government has enlisted Norman Foster to help redesign its capital region in Amravathi into A high tech and sustainable city, India’s first to start with. Singapore based Subarna Jurong is also involved in the planning which aims to create jobs and homes for all, along with world class infrastructure which will make this a green city with efficient resource management.

According to the company, Foster’s team is designing the central focus of the 217 sq kilometers city including its legislature assembly and High Court. The company claims that the design will incorporate “decades-long research into sustainable cities” as well as the latest technologies being developed in India.

The city reportedly will be walking friendly with ample green spaces, widespread solar energy usage and transportation strategy that includes electric vehicles, water taxis, and dedicated cycle routes characterize the plans. Seems utopian but the government seeks to realize it within 25 years.

The Amravathi city will be planned to become an illustrious example for cities all around the world facing challenges of urbanization. According to WEF, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050.

Many of the world’s major conurbations are organically grown sprawls – think of London, Tokyo, New York or Mexico City – and face challenges including air pollution, traffic jams, waste disposal and homelessness.

“Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and drones, the internet of things, advanced materials, 3D printing and biotechnology are particularly relevant,” Celine Herweijer, a partner at PwC UK wrote in the report. “Many are already showing promise at reshaping urban sectors – including transport, energy, waste, water and buildings – and change will only accelerate.”

Cities in other locations are also aiming to become more sustainable. Copenhagen wants to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. Norway is building Oslo Airport City, a 4 million square meter city that will take 30 years to build and be powered entirely by renewable energy and served by electric vehicles.

Images: Foster+partners

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