Fluiteco makes products specifically for biogas sector & are price competitive with every other supplier: Roberto Gatto, Founder & Director

San Marino headquartered Fluiteco SRL has been a prominent global provider of essential equipment for the biogas and wastewater treatment industries for over ten years. With established leadership in both European and North American markets, the company now sets its sights on the Indian market. In an exclusive interview with I Am Renew, Founder & Director Roberto Gatto discusses Fluiteco's tailored strategies for the Indian market, covering aspects such as material supply, pricing, post-sales services, competition, product localization and beyond. Highlights:

1. Tell us something about your recent visit to India and what have you gathered from here?

Roberto Gatto: My recent visit to India was not the first and for sure not the last one because India for us represents not just a country but a continent with a billion people and extremely important history. It’s a country I had the opportunity to visit 20 years ago and it’s developing very fast. For us as European manufacturers and competitors in the biogas market, India represents a very strategic market for the future. We saw unbelievable opportunities that are coming to India. This is the reason that Fluiteco decided to participate at IFAT exhibition in Mumbai 2 months ago and joined SambhUya R Energy to penetrate into the Indian market and be present there more & more than we did in the past. We are optimistic for both the present and the future.

2. Fluiteco is among top innovators in the biogas industry in Europe today. What makes Fluiteco enter the Indian market?

Roberto Gatto: The solid waste market had supplies of equipment meant for different types of activities. Many equipment existing in the solid waste plants were imported from activities like mining, wastewater treatment etc. The difference is that Fluiteco has designed its equipment specifically for this solid waste or biogas market. Our experience in Europe is great as the market is accepting Fuiteco products. We have been doing business very successfully in the European market and would like to do so in India. It’s a matter of great satisfaction for us.

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3. Fluiteco claims to have a strong range of products for the biogas sector. Can you elaborate what you are offering to the Indian market?

Roberto Gatto: Fluiteco is a company that specifically covers the necessities of the biogas market; specific necessities represented by the pre-treatment phase that includes storage, selection, separation, cleaning and watering that happens before the digestion phase. We are also in the treatment of residue after the digestion phase. We come with a range of equipment & solutions dedicated exactly for that phase.

4. Pre-treatment becomes extremely important in a country like India that has diverse feedstock – cotton stalk, grasses, paddy straw, cane and much more. How will Fluiteco help here?

Roberto Gatto: This is absolutely true and it is absolutely better to have equipment that were designed & tested in many different types of wastes in many different countries. There are countries like in the North of Europe where the mentality is to have waste that is well prepared before the digester phase. There are also countries in the south of Europe, South America and Asia – including India – where the mentality is different. We cannot change the minds of people so fast and it takes time. Hence, in such circumstances it is important to have equipment that are ready and specifically designed to work in the existing conditions. This is exactly what we are offering.

5. What kind of challenges have you faced in India and markets similarly situated? And how have you emerged from there?

Roberto Gatto: Our aim is to transfer the concept & the dedicated equipment to customers that were designed for these specific types of activities that represent absolutely that value. Sometimes, customers have a short term view. We would like to introduce a long term view in India where it is clear that dedicated equipment born for these specific types of activities (biogas sector) represent absolutely a great advantage for the operators and the customers. This is our main challenge for the future.

6. Can you share your experiences of some developing countries where you have supplied Fluiteco products?

Roberto Gatto: We have supplied equipment to the whole of Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East etc. From east of Europe, we are going to countries like Turkey and have arrived in India. We have a position of a leader in the markets of America and Europe today. India is like a continent and has its own peculiarities. There are huge towns and metropolises where attitudes are different from those of the cities. We will start from main cities like Delhi or Mumbai, with our local partner, and we would like to be present in other parts of the country step by step.

7. Pricing is a crucial factor in India. How price competitive is Fluiteco?

Roberto Gatto: Fluiteco products are absolutely competitive if you consider our product as a dedicated product for the biogas market. We are competitive everywhere, be it Europe or North America. We know for sure that there are some manufacturers in India but many times the equipment made locally are not meant specifically for the biogas sector but other types of jobs like wastewater or construction industry. It’s just adapted there which is not good. It is necessary that the end user understands the dedicated equipment representing that value. If you consider the equipment born to make a specific job, Fluiteco is absolutely competitive with every other manufacturer in the world.

8. How are you after sales services?

Roberto Gatto: After sales services are available online 365 days a year to customers. Our staff are always ready to support by remote in every part of the world. They also travel to the sites to solve the problem in case there is one. Critical stock parts are always kept in our stock. What is important is that we have never left a single customer alone anywhere in the world.

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9. The Indian Government has recently announced a new policy of mandatory biogas blending with natural gas in a phased manner. How do you think this will play out for players like Fluiteco? 

Roberto Gatto: The Indian government is working in that direction. I’m confident that the market of biogas in India will grow step by step but very fast just as it’s happening in many other countries in the world. India is a voluminous country with over a billion people. Biogas without India makes no sense.

10. Any other India specific plan in near future?

Roberto Gatto: We entered the Indian market last year. We are ready to support Indian customers and show them our capabilities. The next step would be to have a manufacturing facility locally or a joint venture for that. In Brazil we already have a manufacturing JV for the last 10 years. We have to think long term with regards to India considering the sheer market size. For the future, we have to be ready to produce locally with our technology. We are here to stay forever and not to return after a month. We want to be present more & more in India.

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